The DeFi project locks $1.99 billion, an increase of 3.95% in the past week.

According to the DeFi special page data, as of now, the 25 DeFi projects that have been counted have a total lock-in capital of 1.19 billion US dollars, of which EOSREX locks 439 million US dollars, accounting for 37.06%, ranking first; Maker lock warehouse 303 million US dollars, accounting for 25.62%, ranked second; third place is Edgeware lock warehouse 226 million US dollars, accounting for 19.13%; Compound, dYdX, Bancor, InstaDApp and other DeFi applications accounted for 18.19%. In the past week, overall: due to the interest rate difference between Maker and Maker, the total value of Compound locks has further increased. It has exceeded 100 million US dollars so far, and has increased by 268.31% in two months. After being exposed to difficulties, Dharma has been up to now. The total amount of locked warehouses was only 5.1 million US dollars, which was 75% lower than that of a month ago. In addition, due to fluctuations in market conditions, the value of locks in over half of DeFi projects rebounded slightly, and the value of overall lock-ups increased by 3.95%.