Comment: What is the currency ring now? What is the chain? What about the future?

Write in front ❖

According to the coinmarketcap, there are currently 2,420 kinds of secret currency and vouchers, which does not include projects initiated by countries around the world that are not registered on the coinmarketcap. However, in these projects, what can be solved really, and how many projects are widely used?

Despite this, the 24,203 coins still established 19,679 trading pairs.

On the one hand, the amazing prosperity of the currency circle, on the other hand, the youth of the chain. What is the currency ring now? What is the chain? What about the future?


What is the currency ring now?

Some people engage in the concept of issuing coins, waiting for people to buy, cutting the leek to make money.

Someone is working on a project and hopes to make a career through the blockchain.

Someone wrote a book and some people speculated.

What practical value can the blockchain project really bring to the social economy? almost none.

In the current currency circle, people invest in speculation. Where does the money come from? Some people are in the hands.

The current currency circle has no practicality and no value creation.

What is the current currency circle?

But Vanity Fair is gone.

❖ chain circle laboratory❖

The currency circle is a vanity fair, what about the chain?

There is no shortage of practical projects in the chain. They are constantly exploring how to make the properties of the public chain as close as possible to the edge of the triangle in the impossible triangle of the blockchain.

The current chain does not provide a completely realistic application scenario. DAPP is still not running smoothly, and the threshold for users is still high.

However, there are still many project parties who are insisting on the application of the blockchain and constantly strive to pursue the popularization of the blockchain.

The current public chain is a research institution. Many researchers are working hard to study the blockchain technology. The whole chain is a laboratory.

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In the lab of the chain, most projects will die in the future. Those projects that do not make a tree and send out only to cut the leeks will definitely die.

But those projects that are technically innovative may also die because they can't really enter the application field. However, these projects have also been carefully researched and explored on the blockchain, contributing to the popularity of blockchain and technological advancement.

Once the dot coin, PPcoin has long been history, but it is the first project to introduce POS consensus, its contribution to the chain can not be ignored.

Now the Ethereum is good, Poca is good, comos is good, and whether it can exist in the future, no one can know. However, their contribution to the blockchain is certain.

In the future, there are still some coins that can continue, and no one gives an accurate answer.

➤ certainly

To be sure, Bitcoin will definitely stay and will be our investment.

Not because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency. It is because of its historical significance.


1. Bitcoin is a sign of currency change

In fact, Alipay and WeChat are themselves a revolution that transforms the payment medium from paper money to digital. This makes our payments more convenient and safer.

However, Bitcoin is a subversion of currency. On the one hand, it is encrypted digitization, which is more secure than Alipay WeChat; Second, An is a decentralized currency, rather than a centralized legalization of digits.

TVB believes that it is a matter of time before cryptocurrency enters the real-world payment field. It may not be bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but such a payment method will one day become popular because it is really convenient and safer.

Second, bitcoin is a sign of information change

The changes brought about by Bitcoin are not only coins, but also information.

The birth of Bitcoin promoted the formation of blockchain. A decentralized network has taken root on the earth since then. This network is more secure than centralized networks and more convincing for the storage of information. Distributed collaboration to process information can solve the centralized trust problem and replace it with distributed mutual trust.

Maybe someone still has doubts about the TVB view. This seemingly virtual, copying the code can be a cottage, really worth it?

From the participation of institutional investors, we can see the potential of Bitcoin in investment. Although Bitcoin is a digital asset, it still needs computing hardware and network cables to support it. It is not as virtual as we think; the copied bitcoin can only be a cottage, just like the copied Mona Lisa.


Big probability

In addition to bitcoin, ETH may also be handed down.

ETH is not only a financial network, but also a new certificate can be issued on this network.

More importantly, the innovation of ETH is that it is not only a value network, but a more complex distributed database. We can develop more applications on ETH, a kitten, its appearance, age and other characteristics. It can also be digitally stored on the ETH public chain.

Therefore, although the historical significance of ETH is not as good as bitcoin, it is still a pioneering work of the blockchain, and a high probability can become a future investment.


Small probability

BCH is the most famous fork coin in the currency circle. It is a bitcoin expansion. In order to make Bitcoin truly applicable in the payment field, it is the most successful fork coin in the history of the currency circle, and has close relationship with Bitcoin.

To some extent, BCH is also a historical currency. Small probabilities will also become investment targets in the future.

Between two

In addition, there are many projects that have a certain dependence on centralization. Such a project, if the project team can persist in efforts, with the development of hardware, advancement of technology, and the recognition of social blockchain projects, it may provide a development environment for commercial applications and truly integrate into the social economy and information network.

For example, the development of EOS has certain dependence on B1. The future development of EOS depends on whether B1 can insist on research, update and maintenance of EOS technology.

COMOS and Boka are all such projects.

Written at the end

No matter how convincing you are, the currency circle is not a paradise for investing in wealth. At present, it is just a vanity fair.

Whether you agree or disagree, the chain is still a huge laboratory for the time being.

What is certain is that there are no innovations and breakthroughs in technology, and it is difficult to live to the end. Even if the marketing is strong, it is necessary to spend the money on cutting the vegetables to the technical level. Otherwise, in this race, no technology will always run behind and will eventually be eliminated.

There are only two kinds of coins that can really go to the future:

The first type, the milestone project, can really be written in history and is subversive.

Another type of project that can be used in reality can be used for efficient and realistic projects. One is to develop the efficiency chain of DAPP, and the other is that TVB considers it to be a smooth anonymous payment.

The first one must be Bitcoin, and there may be Ethereum. Second, it depends on which project team can work tirelessly.

In the long run, the first project has a collection value and is suitable for investment. The second project, I am afraid, may not have obvious value growth.

The first project, like gold, can be collected and invested;

The second project is like French currency. Although there is no speculative currency, there is speculation in foreign exchange, but it seems that it is not suitable for long-term, and it is more suitable for short-term speculation.