Source: Today's 100 million USDT issuance or from OMNI network mapping

At 0:22 am today, Tether added 100 million USDTs to the Ethereum network. According to sources, the 100 million USDT issuance is Bittrex's conversion from OMNI-based USDT to Ethereum based ERC20-based USDT. . According to previous reports, Bittrex achieved a 1:1 mapping based on OMNI-based USDT to ERC20 USDT on August 5. After mapping, all USDTs in the Omni network address can no longer be sent to Bittrex, and the USDT of the Bittrex account cannot be sent to the Omni network address. According to media reports, according to official news, on August 5th, Bittrex has completed the conversion from USDT based on OMNI network to USDT based on ERC20 on Ethereum network. The USDT of this conversion is 69 million.