China and the United States upgrade each other, BTC welcomes golden moments

Concerned about the global economic outlook, the global capital market turmoil is coming, global stock markets have plunged continuously, long-term government bond yields have continued to decline, gold has hit a new high since the rebound, and the cryptocurrency market represented by BTC is steadily rising. Tether added a new US$100 million USDT to the Ethereum network, which once again provided liquidity for the rise. Can BTC catch up with the new high since the rebound? Although Tether continues to inject liquidity into the market, we have seen that the overall volume of the market has not been very large, at least much less than the volume of the previous June. Yesterday was a small amount on the first day. To increase the volume, it is necessary to observe whether the volume is consistent or not, in order to judge how high the current market can go.


We have always thought that BTC will take the second trend we gave, but due to the impact of the emergency, the target has gone through the first trend we have predicted, and has now exceeded the pressure of 11,000 US dollars. The judgment is that the small double bottom is basically established. Next, we need to observe whether there is any volume to continue to push the target to continue to run upwards. However, from the current volume, the upward trend will not be smooth, because the previous volume It's too big, it takes a lot of hands to change through the chip-intensive area, so this position either directly enlarges the Yang line, or it is a side-by-side volatility stacking, the support below the double-bottom neckline is $11,000. Nearby, effectively fall below the attention to leave the field, do not break the point can be low-suction waiting for the volume to break through.


The trend of ETH is not as strong as that of BTC. Yesterday, under the strong rebound of BTC, the target appeared to be happy with a small Yangxian line, but we can see that the volume below is still not obvious, indicating that the target’s willingness to do more is not strong, the direction There are still repeated choices. Observe whether there is any volume that continues to be released. We adjust the target position downwards. The target may test the pressure near 250 USD. The macd indicator is weak in the gold area and has not yet reached the zero axis. Strong areas, cautious participation.


Although we were very optimistic about the rebound of BCH, the volume of the target still makes us dissatisfied. At present, the target is still in the rebound structure, breaking through the high point of the previous rebound. The entire rebound of the target has no volume. The target has been running up along the 5 antennas, and then going up to enter the transaction-intensive area, the volume needs to be provided to provide sufficient turnover rate, should be vigilant, be wary of possible downsizing and violent rise at any time, if there is a rapid The next kill should pay attention to the departure, the rebound may end, if there is a violent rise, it depends on the position of the rise, if you stand directly on the $ 425, you may hit a new high.


BNB successfully returned to the 5 antennas and maintained yesterday's point of view. After a brief shock, it still has to go down. We don't deny the long-term value of the target, but we are not optimistic about the trend for the next period of time. The 60 antennas will continue to run downwards. The moving average system will be arranged in a short position. The macd indicator will be glued after repeated repeated gold forks in the weak area. There is no divergence direction. The indicator has a strong pointing meaning above the zero axis. The target re-station back to the 60-antenna and make the 60-antenna head up to get rid of the current downward trend. Personally, the low point of $24 cannot be effectively supported, and will continue to drop. The next support level is around $21, paying attention to risk.

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Author: talk on gold coins