Report: Coin security stolen BTC was transferred to multiple exchanges by hackers, using bitcoin transaction privacy protection tools intended to whitewash

According to the blockchain analysis company Coinfirm analysis report, the stolen BTC was hacked into multiple transactions by the hacker, so it was detected whether the funds would be frozen and intended to be whitewashed by the Bitcoin transaction privacy protection tool. Stolen BTC has small funds transferred to Kraken, Firecoin, (Luno), BTC-Alpha, CoinGate, BitPay and other exchanges, and a 6.46 BTC fund was transferred to the ChipMixer transaction hybrid address. . Coinfirm said that ChipMixer is a hybrid bitcoin transaction to protect privacy. At the same time, mainstream exchanges have blacklisted stolen funds, but many smaller exchanges are hard to find due to weak regulatory and tracking technologies. Free the stolen funds.