BM wants to release a new "black technology"? Change the bitcoin mining mode, the miner's computing power advantage may no longer exist

"June" seems to have been an extraordinary moment for EOS and BM, and EOS will not only usher in the first anniversary of the main online line, but also likely to release heavy news. Since the beginning of 2019, the founder of EOS, "Technical talents but controversial" BM began to reveal that he and the team will release "the biggest news since the birth of EOS.IO."

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As it gets closer and closer to June, BM seems to be getting more and more eager to wait. Some of the "itches" are frequently interacting in the community, exuding some intriguing clues. According to various previous disclosures, BM's big move seems to be related to Bitcoin.

On April 10, BM said on Twitter,

“What happens if everyone has the same ability to conduct bitcoin mining with equal efficiency and commodity infrastructure requirements? What if mining would make Bitcoin deflation?”

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“This will shift the power from the rich to the poor. I advocate teaching the poor how to use computing power as efficiently as the best miners, rather than investing in capital-intensive, customized infrastructure.”

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According to the design of Bitcoin, the amount of computing power determines the probability of finding the next block in the mining process, which in turn prompted the miners to find more powerful mining machines, which led to the huge mining industry today. . As new bitcoins are dug up, there are more and more bitcoins entering the market, and there is some inflation. BM's "mining to make bitcoin deflation" is intriguing.

Netizen RufusYoakam said,

"Yes, but seriously, no one can do the same thing, let alone bitcoin mining."

BM response:

"If I tell you there may be a way to do it."

However, the inequality in computing power between Bitcoin miners is the result of competition from each other. This "unequality" is the result of the free development of Bitcoin.

RufusYoakam expressed disapproval of BM's "equal capacity of miners". He said:

"I have to warn you to make sure that you don't hinder free competition. People are unequal. They will never be equal. Trying to make them equal usually means binding the winner or subsidizing the loser."

BM said that it is not against competition. He replied again:

"Interfering with competition is not my nature. Instead, imagine a black box. You can put bitcoin into it and generate a calculation of any size, proportional to how much bitcoin is stored and the current level of difficulty?"

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Does this indicate that BM will release a new "black technology" blockchain agreement? What is the big news in June? We will continue to pay attention.