KuCoin Hangzhou has been working hard for a year and a half, and the tricks are frequent.

On August 2nd, the closed meeting of Hangzhou Station of KuCoin China International Exchange was successfully held. The conference brought together representatives of many blockchain enterprises in Hangzhou and industry giants to analyze the development status of the industry with a global vision, forward-looking vision and deep thinking. At the meeting, KuCoin announced a new brand upgrade plan and introduced KuCoin's key products and market strategic planning in the second half of the year.


KuCoin founder Michael said at a closed meeting that KuCoin currently has more than 5 million registered users. The average daily trading volume in the past week is close to $300 million, and the average daily API call is 10 billion. According to monthly traffic, KuCoin is the world's number one. 7 large encrypted digital currency trading platforms . In the social field, KuCoin Twitter fans reached 330,000, ranking sixth in the current industry.


KuCoin founder Michael

At the same time, according to third-party data, KuCoin is currently the most widely distributed mainstream trading platform in the world, with more than 1% of users in 28 countries and regions around the world. In contrast, the number of coins is 22 and the number of coins is 15. Michael said:

"Before this trip to China, we have done many offline Meetups in Turkey, Vietnam, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain and other places."

KuCoin is getting bigger and bigger, the market is spreading more and more, and naturally it has to face the regulatory pressure of various countries. In this regard, Michael told Babbitt in an interview that KuCoin has always adopted active compliance , and the core one is anti-money laundering. In this regard, KuCoin has been implementing a very strict anti-money laundering process, not only set up a special compliance department very early, but also purchased a number of systems such as the Dow Jones KYC database, and invested heavily in talents and systems. One million U.S. dollars".

Another founder of KuCoin, Eric, has a deep understanding of the current competitive landscape of the trading platform. He believes, "We can see that the current trading platform competition pattern has gradually transformed from the original pure spot trading into an ecological platform. Which trading platform can cover more user needs, then which trading platform is behind it? One of the competitiveness will be more prominent." Therefore, KuCoin divides the business into three directions: transactions, user asset storage and the appreciation of user assets.


KuCoin founder Eric

In fact, KuCoin is constantly paying in these three directions, constantly accumulating, to enhance the user experience as its mission, committed to the best products, the best trading platform. KuCoin is highly focused on incremental users and has been actively optimizing the registration process. The new version of KuCoin can compress registration time to 1 minute , clearing the way for new user transactions. It is also because of user experience considerations. Although many trading platforms are currently developing the trading platform public chain in a big way and doing decentralized trading platform (DEX), KuCoin is not eager to commercialize DEX in order to catch up with the trend. . Eric said: "There are two kinds of 'doing' for public chain and DEX. One is commercialization, and the other is research. We have a blockchain research group of about 5 people inside, and have been investing a lot of energy. To do in-depth research in this area, we must wait for the technology to be fully prepared, and then introduce more mature products after the market environment is mature."

At the same time, Eric also revealed that the KuMEX perpetual contract will be officially launched this month , and KuCoin's spot leveraged trading will also be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. This is also an important step for KuCoin to build an ecological platform.


In addition, Eric pointed out in his speech that KuCoin has been actively innovating. In July, the Soft Staking service was launched, and an attempt was made to open up the very hot Staking concept and trading platform to help users easily realize asset appreciation. It is worth mentioning that during the more than one month of Soft Staking's launch, users have enjoyed the Staking revenue while the coin-raising time has not been affected. Not only that, but in the future, as KuCoin has a more in-depth analysis and accurate grasp of various user data, and constantly adjust existing strategies, the user's profit rate will be further improved.

In fact, a few days ago, KuCoin just launched a lockout destruction rebate program, which took millions of dollars to give the user who participated in the lockout a maximum annualized 50%, and promised to destroy 5 million platform points KCS after the event. . The activities are so intensive, the gameplay is constantly innovating, what is the secret of KuCoin? In this regard, Eric is summarized in four words: thick and thin .

"In the whole year of 2018, including Q1 and Q2 in 2019, we basically seldom go out to speak out. What you are seeing now is that we have closed down for more than a year and it is not easy to gradually put all our accumulated and painstaking efforts. A process in the market. After that, our rhythm will continue to the rhythm of such a fast iteration, and we will make very rapid changes and meet the needs of the market."

After the trip to Hangzhou, KuCoin will also rush to the next stop. Facing the future, Alicia, the head of KuCoin brand market and VIP relationship operation, said that in the past, KuCoin developed the best technology and made the best products, becoming the best trading platform in technology and products. In the future, KuCoin's larger vision is Become the best trading platform in the hearts of customers.


Alicia, head of KuCoin brand market and VIP relationship operations

KuCoin founder Michael also said:

“KuCoin's vision is that everyone has a digital asset and the mission is to help everyone configure digital assets safely and conveniently.”