"Glory Tribe" – a blockchain game with an annualized income of more than 40 times

"Glory Tribe" is a strategy-based blockchain game carefully designed by the original Honour Chain team. The overall model is very novel and has a perfect internal circulation ecosystem. Compared to other projects of the same type in the industry, Glory Tribe is refreshing in many ways: its original BLB amount of HRC double gold standard gameplay and freely createable income model, making the game more likely; its largest The highlight – "Glory Treasury" is to directly abandon the official fund pool in the traditional project, the game's "recharge" rights and benefits to the users themselves, fully guarantee the safety of the project. On the whole, "Glory Tribe" is the only real blockchain game on the market.


First, the double gold standard

The tokens in the game are BLB (basic game currency) and HRC (advanced game currency), both of which are ERC 2.0 tokens. The price of BLB is constant at 0.1 yuan, which can only be generated by the user successfully opening the “Glory Treasury”; the initial price of HRC is 1.0 yuan, which is 1% per day in the first 300 days, which can only be obtained by the user killing the monster in the game copy.

So where is the double gold standard? First of all, BLB can be used separately for the purchase of in-game equipment and ordinary gemstones (grades 1-5), as well as the upgrade of equipment. Since the price of BLB is constant, the actual cost of the above-mentioned scene consumption behavior is also constant, which is the “first weight”. Gold standard.

In addition, in-game advanced gemstones (grades 6-10) need to be purchased with a certain amount of BLB+ equivalent HRC. Because the price of HRC is rising steadily, the price of high-grade gemstones here is converted by actual price, not the price of other similar items. This setting not only creates the demand scenario of HRC, but also further ensures the cost consistency of users participating in the game in different periods. This is the “second” gold standard.

Second, the freely profitable model

The in-game gems are divided into physical and agile types, and the two attributes of the game characters are mathematically combined to determine the character's combat power and trading ability (reflected as the daily HRC saleable amount). The physical value is focused on the bonus of the combat power, and the value of the combat power determines the number of HRCs that the user can kill the monster in the copy. The agile value is more obvious to the user's trading ability. The higher the agile value, the more HRC the user can sell per day.

This can not help but reminiscent of the global DOTA and League of Legends, players can choose the meat, attack equipment, etc. according to their needs, greatly enrich the game's playability. The setting of physical gemstones and agile gemstones in "Glory Tribe" is to allow users to create their own game revenue model according to their own preferences. In the end, choose the partial production type, the partial business type, or the two. Balance, all the users have the final say!

Third, glory treasury – let the project say goodbye to "running the road"

Users can purchase HRC from other users through C2C exchange, or make HRC through Crystal Forest. When the total amount of HRC is 10,000, they can be deposited into the glory treasury, get BLB income every day, and open BLB at the same time. Sale authority. Because the price of HRC is up 1% per day, the BLB generated by the Glory Treasury is also increasing by 1% every day!

As the only BLB generation mechanism in the game, the glory vault makes the user truly become the master of the game. The way for the user to obtain the “game currency” is no longer to recharge the official, but to purchase it from other users, and the assets flow between users. Let the project say goodbye to the road!

Fourth, the income measurement

"Glory Tribe" income calculation table



Ordinary user income

Open glory treasury income

1 month



2 months



3 months



4 months



5 months



6 months



10 months



V. Team introduction

After finishing the highlights of "Glory Tribe", let's briefly introduce the project research and development team – Honour Chain team: Honour Chain International Foundation knows that the competition in the future blockchain economy era is the competition of technology and talents, and it spends a lot of money from global recruitment blocks. Top talents in the fields of chain, game, finance, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., and invested in infrastructure development such as game engines.

Honour Chain R&D team, team members come to internationally renowned game companies and blockchain companies, and even some people from Google blockchain R & D department, Bitcore team, Ruibo team, EA, Ubisoft, UBISOFT, and other world-renowned institutions, He has extensive experience in blockchain research, game development, game engine development, market development, game marketing, and hedging trading lights.

1. CEO Bartek Nowotarski


He is the co-founder and managing partner of Honour Chain, with a background in operating entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. He graduated from Oxford University with a master's degree and first class honor in mathematics and computer science. Former executive vice president of venture capital at Ivanhoe Capital Corporation (ICC), an international investment firm.

2. Operations Director Ned Mayrs


Ned not only has more than 20 years of financial market experience, including ten years of debt capital markets (issuance issues) in Goldman Sachs, New York, and has a strong performance in risk and business management. He is also a senior trader in dealing with Asia. The ultra-high net worth has a good track record with the corporate client and is known for the rigor of the degree of analysis. He studied at New York University and Columbia University.

3. Naval Vardy, Vice President of Game Development


Former Sony game senior designer, worked with Blizzard Games, EA Games, participated in the development and design of many games, independently developed many games, and also a geek and blockchain enthusiast, responsible for the game in the team Development, game balance settings, game engine development, etc., studied at Cambridge University.

  4. Lead Development Engineer Nicolas Barry


Nicolas Barry is a front-end technologist who is proficient in Node and IOS. He is familiar with cutting-edge front-end technology and server-side technologies. He is also familiar with the development of blockchains and is good at implementing application layers. He graduated from the University of Southampton, England and has extensive experience in advanced data science, applied mathematics, statistics and machine learning. With unremitting efforts, he has developed the most advanced innovations in blockchain research. With an infinite enthusiasm for blockchain technology and making great changes to the game, he has developed a unique approach to data science and brings a new perspective.

5. Technical Consultant WillO'Brien


Graduated from Harvard University with a Ph.D. From investment bank Needham & Co., a research analyst at Fintech and a Wall Street research analyst, responsible for bitcoin and blockchain technology, and a CFA charter. It has a 12-year history in software and networking. She is also a research member of the School of Software Science. Her research interests include business process collaboration, workflow management, e-commerce transactions, service-oriented computing, software architecture, and software engineering.

With its many innovative settings and the game's entertainment and investment income attributes, relying on a strong technical R&D team, the Glory Tribe will surely become an epoch-making masterpiece in the history of blockchain games! Interested friends, you can add the official game customer service WeChat (RYBL-01, RYBL-02) for consultation~

Game download link: http://ry.ngjj.wang/f/NW79T9WM?invite_code=Q7E2DSGZ