Jingdong Book Review "Peak Conversation Blockchain" to send 100 tickets to POW'ER Developer Conference

Recently, the new book "The Summit Dialogue Block Chain" of Wang Feng, the founder of Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, was officially issued by CITIC Publishing Group and is now available. Mars Finance will give a limited edition of 100 tickets for the "POW'ER 2019 Global Developers Conference" worth $1,299. For details on the QR code and event details of Jingdong Book, please refer to the poster below. The "Peer Conversation Blockchain" is based on the "Wang Feng Shiwen" interview column of Mars Finance and Economics. It is composed of 15 people who have had important influences in the blockchain field from the perspectives of technology, application, finance and investment. A conversation was launched. The book has also been recommended by many well-known industry professionals such as Cai Wensheng, Zhao Changpeng, Zhou Hongyi and Wu Jihan. POW'ER 2019 Global Developers Conference will be held in Beijing from August 20th to 21st, focusing on blockchain and 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT technology integration and privacy computing, distributed storage, computing power, open Financial, Libra effect and other frontier topics in the field of blockchain.