Imagine 2030 Tucao Conference, Ethereum is hacked, BM, V gods are lying

Halfway through 2019, bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts began to block the development of blockchains and decentralized assets in the next decade. Recently, the encryption community imagined the development of the encryption industry in 2030 on Twitter, and the big names in the encryption industry have been named.

2030 under magnifying glass

The idea of ​​2030 was first initiated by Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow, who tweeted Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong in a tweet about the continued resignation of Coinbase executives. Mow predicts that in 2030, Armstrong will be the last employee to stay at Coinbase; at the same time, he also satirized Coinbase's process.


"Time came to 2030. The last Coinbase employee left. Finally, he sat on his iron throne and smiled. He pressed the button and placed a trash coin that we had never heard of, supporting The company sells organic durian."

EOS founder Dan Larimer (BM) and "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver were also named, and Roger was tarnished for supporting Bitcoin cash.


“Time is coming to 2030. Dan Larimer has turned from the pillar of Zoltan (described as a random, unseen event) to the core of the Neptune 2 project (the BM often gives up on a project and goes to a new project). Zoltan is fundamental Unable to meet current needs, so in order to prevent losses, users need to store their cryptocurrency on Neptune 2. All funds must be sent to BM's private bitcoin address."


“Time comes to 2030. Roger is the only moderator, member and contributor to the Reddit BTC section. He celebrated the record low for bitcoin cash transaction fees. There is only one transaction per block, and this transaction is still Roger’s BCH Transaction to's donation address (small trading volume on the BCH chain)

Ethereum supporters and critics also shot. Most of the predictions are about Ethereum's huge potential to dominate the entire encryption market in the next 10 years.


“Time comes to 2030. Ethereum deals with trillions of dollars worth of assets every day. It has become the most used blockchain ever. @notgrubles (bitcoin core developer) and @TuurDemeester (bitcoin die loyalty) Powder) is also talking about DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) on Twitter."

The fans of Ethereum think that Ethereum will conquer Bitcoin and die, and the black powder of Ethereum will certainly not give up this opportunity. "Time is coming to 2030. Ethereum 2.0 has finally been released."


“Time is coming to 2030. Vitalik is on the verge of the seventh bailout of the DAI contract holders. (Looking at Nakamoto’s words in the Bitcoin Creation Zone: The Chancellor of the Exchequer is in the process of implementing the second round of bank emergency assistance. Edge.) The new scientific breakthrough theoretically reduces the synchronization time of the entire node from 5.76 to 4.20. Vitalik requires everyone to stop trading until all nodes are synchronized."

The Bitcoin ETF has also been spit. User Chainsaw Tucao said: "Time came to 2030. Winklevoss ETF was finally approved."

There are also many predictions that focus on the transformation of existing frameworks to blockchain technology, and crypto assets are finally integrated with traditional financial markets.


“Time comes to 2030. The Bitcoin block reward is 1.5625 BTC. The global production of Bitcoin is 225 BTC. The US dollar legal currency system has been basically completely paralyzed. With $250,000, I can think of the only thing to change these dollars. The equivalent BTC draws a huge xx (satire dollar depreciation) on (the bitcoin graffiti wall supported by Lightning Networks for testing micropayments)."


"Time came to 2030. Coin replaced Nasdaq, Bitfinex replaced the New York Stock Exchange, Bitcoin replaced gold, Nakamoto won the Nobel Prize, and I was telling our grandchild about cryptocurrency. story."

Although 2030 is still far away for us today, this time point is only a small step in the time frame of cryptocurrency. Although 85% of BTCs have been dug up, there are still 3 million BTCs to be discovered in the next century.


"Time is coming to 2030. It still takes 110 years before the last BTC can be dug up."