Former Fire Co., Ltd. Chief Analyst Hu Zhiwei officially joined IRISnet as Director

We are pleased to announce that the IRISnet team has added another new partner, Hu Zhiwei. As a director and chief researcher , Zhiwei will lead the team to make continuous progress in technological innovation and ecological development.

1565091803935 Chief Investigator of IRISnet, Hu Zhiwei

Hu Zhiwei, former chief technical analyst of the Firecoin Blockchain Application Research Institute and project director of Yifan Financial Technology Co., Ltd., has extensive experience in the blockchain industry, and is good at insight, analysis and interpretation of the development of the blockchain industry. And blockchain technology.

With many years of experience and in-depth research on blockchain projects, Hu Zhiwei has published many in-depth research reports and public-chain technology evaluation analysis. These reports have detailed interpretation of blockchain technology from multiple layers such as industry, application, and ecology, and have extensive influence in the industry.

Previously, Hu Zhiwei also participated in the technical research of the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute, and was responsible for the R&D and implementation of blockchain projects in Guizhou and Xiong'an. Joining this time, Hu Zhiwei will work with IRISnet to develop a new journey in the industry. He said that

“The Fire Coin Research Institute is one of the best research institutes in the industry. I am very fortunate to have studied and researched many blockchain projects and corresponding technologies at the Fire Coin Research Institute. I think cross-chain and related extension technologies are on the blockchain. Ecological development is essential. IRISnet, as the first self-evolving cross-chain service hub of the Cosmos ecosystem, aims to be a trusted 'bridge' linking the digital economy and the real economy, aiming to build new complex distributed business applications. A generation of service-oriented public-chain infrastructure. I am very happy to join IRISnet, a team of technology, strength and value. This is an opportunity and a challenge. I am fully prepared to continue to build cross-chain technology with the team. Ecosystem."

After joining IRISnet, Hu Zhiwei is mainly responsible for the technical research and related ecological development of IRIS Hub, and will lead the team to continue to play its experience and advantages in the blockchain field, and will also explore more possibilities to promote IRISnet. Innovation and sustainable development.

About IRISnet

IRISnet is a blockchain cross-chain service network created by Border Intelligence and Cosmos/Tendermint. It focuses on providing infrastructure and protocols for distributed applications, supporting integration and interconnection of public and private links, alliances and existing traditional business systems. Allowing data and complex computing to be invoked across heterogeneous networks is the next generation of public links that link the digital economy to the real economy and build complex distributed business applications. For the first time, IRISnet has supported the self-evolution of BPoS networks (network upgrade through online governance).