Bitcoin prices have returned to the $12,000 mark, and A-share blockchain stocks have gone crazy this year.

According to the Securities Times, since August, Bitcoin has risen for six consecutive trading days, with a cumulative increase of 18%. As of today's press release, Bitcoin reported $12,216.08, an increase of 3.96%. Since the beginning of this year, the blockchain index has increased by 25.75%. Among the sectors, there are frequent bullish stocks. Among them, Jinyi Technology, Kelan Software and Monternet Group have increased by 211.34%, 168.8% and 126.51% respectively, including the cumulative increase. More than 50% have 15 stocks. At present, many A-share companies have begun to involve blockchain projects: New China has established a blockchain research center to track the application of blockchain technology in financial payments. Omar Electric: Research on digital currency and blockchain technology began in early 2016. The company participated in the prototype design of the central bank's digital currency. Flying Integrity: The hardware wallet is currently available in the direction of digital currency. Julong shares: set up a subsidiary company Ningbo multi-dimensional key investment digital currency blockchain technology and other cutting-edge technologies.