[Differential evaluation] Want to build blockchain game ecological entrance 氪 planet project evaluation


Game-related projects are one of the hottest areas of the current blockchain application. The Grey Wolf has previously reviewed NeoWorld, Engin, TronBet (that is, Wink that has just completed the completion of IEO), and the public chain such as Ethernet, grapefruit, and wave field. Most of Dapp, but from the current situation of each project, there are only a handful of successful projects that can be counted.


On the surface, the global game industry's output value and growth rate are very high, but in fact, even in the traditional game industry, the competition is very fierce. The real money-making companies are Tencent, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Blizzard, etc. The industry giants, in addition to Blizzard, four other giant whale companies in the traditional IT field. The current production value of blockchain games is less than the fraction of traditional games. It is an application field where opportunities and challenges coexist. One of the stars we reviewed today is one of them.

Project approval

As the eco-level entrance to the blockchain game, Xingqiu guides players into the blockchain through zero threshold, perfect infrastructure and really fun games, and builds the world's first blockchain game eco-level entrance. On the basis of reducing the barriers to entry for traditional gamers and developers, the industry's first channel promotion system and community public chain plan can quickly acquire traditional game users and blockchain native users, providing a full-scale solution for the blockchain game ecosystem. .

1. Market status and problems in the game field

Since 2007, the traditional game industry has experienced explosive growth. According to Newzoo data, the global game market has reached 134.9 billion US dollars by 2018. It is estimated that by 2021, the market size will reach 174 billion US dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.3. %. At the same time, in the traditional game field, there are game participants (1) developers lack credibility, game mechanics and data opacity, (2) players do not really have virtual assets in the game, (3) virtual asset depreciation Serious, (4) game assets can not cross-game transactions, (5) game asset trading problems, etc., for game developers are also faced with (1) user dividend decline, customer cost increase, (2) traditional market competition incentives, oligarchs Serious monopoly and other issues.

2. Advantages and pain points in the field of blockchain games

Advantages: Relative to the traditional game field, the blockchain game industry exists (1) the credibility of the developer is guaranteed by the open smart contract, (2) the player truly owns the in-game virtual assets, (3) the virtual asset limited value, (4) one Opportunities for a fairer market, (5) increased liquidity of game assets, (6) more democratic rights for gamers, and (7) subversive existing through “workload proof mechanism”, blockchain Token economy, etc. Game mode.

Pain points: (1) It is difficult for traditional game developers to enter the blockchain game world, (2) the number of high-quality explosion games is small, the game experience is poor, and (3) the existing currency users are not sticky, ( 4) The traditional game users can't enter the blockchain game world because they can't play good games, and they are not familiar with the operation of currency wallet address registration, and (5) the main network public chain lacks game promotion enthusiasm. Developers commission third-party channels for distribution, and (6) third-party channel users have low conversion rates, resulting in high cost and low revenue for game developers.

The game is a kind of social behavior based on the satisfaction of material needs, following certain specific rules in certain time and space, and pursuing the spiritual world needs, but at the same time it is also mammals or primates. A way of reducing blood pressure reduction required by animals, whether it is at birth, or during development, maturity, will require a behavior. With the continuous improvement of the material living standards of human beings, people's spiritual needs are constantly improving. Through the game, you can:

2 Unleash the pressure of daily study, life, and work.

2 Realize things that cannot be done in reality, such as flying into the sea, calling for the rain, and dominated the world.

2 Get high-level equipment, high levels, and beat other players through competition to gain a sense of accomplishment in the virtual world.

The fundamental reason for the game that can be successful in the traditional game field to attract users is that the design of the game itself is whether the game can satisfy people's spiritual world needs. The problem of the virtual assets of the current game mentioned by the planet, including many blockchain game projects, can only bring some catalysis to the game.

Team and consultant


The core team members of the Planet have come from well-known game companies in the industry and have more than 10 years of experience in the game industry.

1. Core team members

FgDnuxbNRjK_5cwaro5w_C7Mf7R9.png?w=742&h=575 2. Advisory member

5d4943acbfde61565082540.png The core of the planet is from game companies such as Music Element. Founded in 2009, Le Element is a game development and operation business. Headquartered in Beijing, it has offices and R&D centers in Tokyo, Shanghai and Kyoto. It owns a number of best-selling products such as "Happy Aquarium", "Happy Fun", "Seaside Elimination", "Merc Storia", "Ensemble Stars", etc. Among them, the most famous one is "Happy Fun" I believe most of us have played this game. CTO Guo Tao has rich experience in R&D of blockchain. Most of the team members graduated from Tsinghua University and other key domestic universities. The team has rich experience in small game development and operation. However, overall, the core team's blockchain industry experience is less, and it is very difficult to make a best-selling game in the small game field, especially in the current blockchain game field, in addition to the game itself, it also needs In the combination of the CIS economy and the CIS application scenario and the game scenario, there are quite a few traditional game teams that should have a poor economic design, which leads to the game being on the verge of collapse. This is also what the Xingqi team needs to face.

Technology Architecture


1. Technical architecture

The technical structure of the planet is divided into six layers, including: ecological layer, platform application layer, tool layer, contract layer, consensus layer and data layer.

Ecology layer: It is mainly composed of high-quality content games, mainly including high-quality games such as sheet metal knight, sheet metal elimination, block west tour, small nautical, and extremely unparalleled. The composition of the ecological layer is mainly through self-study, cooperation with traditional high-quality game developers and existing successful games to combine the traditional classic game block chain, etc., to ensure the quality of the game, but also hope that the traditional game users Attracted to form an incremental effect.

Application layer: mainly includes NFT wallet, cross-chain exchange, multi-currency wallet, NFT mall and other applications, through the application layer to achieve game commodity trading, to achieve cross-chain asset exchange and other functions.

Tool layer: mainly includes blockchain browser, cross-chain asset transfer, Iridium account system, RPC interface and other functions.

Contract layer: Through the EVM of Ethereum, it is used to execute the smart contract of the planet.

Consensus layer: Based on BFT-DPOS technology, BFT-DPOS achieves two important improvements. First, the block producer is voted by all participants; the second is the use of Byzantine fault-tolerant technology to increase the block confirmation time.

Data layer: The big data layer is a decentralized file storage and reading system. The planet uses a technology similar to the Star File System (IPFS) to decentralize access to files.

2. Key technologies

Cross-chain asset trading: The planet uses Hash-locking technology to achieve cross-chain asset trading.

Game equipment is on the chain: through the non-homogeneous certificate (NFT) of digital assets such as rare items, best equipment, pets, and fashion in the game. The NFT of game props really gives the asset ownership to the player, and separates the NFT from the game's independent existence and circulation, and makes the cross-game props assets a reality.

Traditional game asset chaining: Assets are chained to traditional games with different needs through three different ways: one-way asset reference, two-way asset reference, and logical uplink.

The overall technical architecture of the planet includes all levels of content from the front-end game application to the back-end data storage. In terms of hierarchical structure, the gray wolf feels that there are several aspects that are not very suitable. First, the blockchain browser is the access entry layer. Traditional applications can access the portal through browsers, APPs, PC applications, etc., and are similar for blockchain applications. Secondly, whether it is game applications or game malls, even wallets, exchanges, etc. The content belonging to the application layer, of course, the wallet and the exchange can be independent of other applications; the third API interface layer needs to be independently packaged into a layer including a smart contract interface, a transaction interface, a cross-chain transaction interface, etc.; the fourth as a data storage layer needs Differentiate between the chain and the data storage under the chain, and then divide other data classifications in this technology.

Ecosystem and gaming applications


Game ecology

The block-chain game eco-level entrance of the planet has a total of four meanings: player entrance, content portal, public chain community entrance, channel promotion entrance.

(1) Player entry: 氪 Planet DAPP is registered by WeChat account, and automatically generates the player's wallet address to store the user's mining income. Therefore, most of the problems require the user to register the public chain of the game before playing the game, complete a series of complicated operations such as wallet generation, memory mnemonics, exchange registration, and French currency transactions.

(2) Content Entry: The Planet 2 built-in Layer 2 technology puts unnecessary transactions under the chain and uses encryption and games to ensure the ability to return to the chain at any time. Finally, zero delay confirmation transfer and contract call implementation are realized, and the fee is exempted. Provides the game's commonly used smart contract templates and SDKs, which developers call on demand, eliminating the time cost and security risks of smart contract development. Provide cross-chain trading solutions, docking multiple public chains, and obtaining a large number of original users of the public chain.

(3) Public chain community entrance: 氪星球 launched the main network public chain plan, package the entire game ecology, quickly copy to different main network public chain, help the main network public chain to build their own game ecology, use the game ecology to activate the original user group.

(4) Channel promotion entrance: 氪 Planet's original “company” system, adding blockchain solutions based on the traditional game “union” system. On the basis of ensuring fairness and transparency, the company's corporate mechanism will make full use of the gameplay of ranks, honours, points, tasks, etc., mobilize the enthusiasm of the players, provide strong support for the promotion of the 氪 planet activities, and make information dissemination more efficient and accurate.

The blockchain technology is backed up to achieve seamless integration with traditional applications, which is more conducive to traditional users and players entering the blockchain application. The one-click registration of WeChat account is in line with the traditional Internet application user registration habits, reducing the entry barrier of blockchain application, but on the other hand, the account system of blockchain application is closely related to the user's virtual currency assets. Convenience and security are a contradiction. The design of the planet has been insufficient in terms of user asset security while improving the ease of use.

Layer 2 technology, common smart contract templates, and SDKs can accelerate the development cycle of third-party game applications and lower the development technology threshold for traditional game-to-blockchain games, but at the current stage, if traditional game teams don’t have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, Games made by the general public economy are often difficult to have vitality, and it is difficult to attract players to participate in the game experience. The traditional game guild and other mechanism settings make the user's game participation higher. Levels, honors, points, tasks, etc. are essential elements in the game scene. If you can combine with the company-level system , how much chemical reaction can be said. After all, many people participate in the game is a leisure and relaxation method outside of work.

2. Game application

Since its launch in May 2018, the planet has accumulated 1.4 million users. It has a number of apps such as Pleiades and Zilliqa, and has developed a block of Journey to the West, a comet knight, a comet miner, a comet quiz, and a comet celebrity. A variety of blockchain games such as Comet Tycoon.


Among these games, the block west tour belongs to the RPG class game, the comet knight belongs to the barrage shooting game, the comet miner belongs to the three elimination class application, the comet quiz belongs to the sports quiz game, the comet celebrity belongs to the card game, Comet Tycoon is a virtual business game. These types of games have very classic games in the traditional game field, and many have led a trend. These games can appeal to some gamers, but they want to be brilliant unless the game's scene design is very clever or the game's pass-through economic design can attract blockchain gamers to participate.

Generalized economy

The total circulation of the 氪 原 原 通 通 ( ( (KGC) is 3 billion, not issued.

Release plan

FjaB_N0E-wxAEEpff0AEYVpajfUX.png?w=742&h=331 2. Ecological incentives

(1) The main net currency locks the KGC pool: Each player can purchase the KGC pool using the main currency of the corresponding planet, and receive a certain amount of the main net currency and KGC every hour from the date of purchase until the expiration date. In the end, you can get back all the main currency (guarantee) and KGC equivalent to the n% of the main currency at that time. Note: The coins produced per hour need to be collected manually by the player. If more than 24 copies are not received, the subsequent output will disappear.

(2) Pulling new rebates: If the invited friend has purchased the KGC pool, the inviter can get 10% of the KGC that the friend will receive, and the corresponding period can be completed.

3. KGC recovery route: destruction + lock warehouse

Destruction: Destruction KGC is opened from the trading day and continues until the total KGC is reduced to 2.1 billion. Destruction methods include immediate destruction and quarterly destruction (25% of platform revenue is used to recover KGC and destroyed every three months from the trading day).

Mortgage lockout: The method of mortgage lockout includes the third-party game bidding ranking home game entry position, voting mortgage, 90% of the KGC required to start the company, and other subsequent lockout methods.

The KGC team has a lock-up period of 5 years, and it can only be unlocked after 12 months of lock-up. The time for fund-raising partial locks is also longer, which is much higher than the locks of most projects for 2 to 3 years. The warehouse cycle, which indicates the attitude of the project side. The proportion held by the team is 15%, and the ratio is reasonable. KGC's incentive mechanism is the method of mining bins used in most POS mechanism projects. The coins bought through mainstream currencies such as ETH can be returned after one year. Similar to investment mining, the coins generated by mining need to be manually Receiving is equivalent to requiring the user to maintain a certain level of activity, but not receiving it for more than 24 hours, the subsequent mining will disappear, this design is not very reasonable. KGC has a destruction mechanism, and the final destruction rate is 30% of the total amount of project tokens, which has a certain promotion effect on the price of stable tokens. However, if the application scenario of the token cannot be incorporated into the relevant game product, the stabilizing effect is minimal.


Community operations

On April 28, 2018, the planet went online to June 1, 2019. The App downloads a total of 1.31 million users, excluding users on the web, WeChat, and html5 channels, including 20,000 active users. 95% of users are from China, 5% are from overseas, and overseas users are mainly from Japan, the United States, South Korea, and Thailand. Users have created more than 400,000 wallet addresses.

The total size of the Xingqiu community is more than 100,000, the number of 1000-2000 QQ groups is 33, a total of 47,000; 100 people have 213 WeChat groups, 500 WeChat groups, and WeChat groups total 21,323; WeChat public number The number of followers is 65,000. Of the active users of the planet, 65% have exchange accounts.

The current users of Xingqiu are mainly concentrated in mainland China. They are very much related to the fact that Xingqiu is a project in mainland China and the related games are not international enough. The users of the project are too concentrated, and the current blockchain users in China are based on the purpose of wool. The proportion of participating projects is high. If the design of the game cannot be improved at the end and the intrinsic value of the project cannot be improved, these users can only be short-lived. Therefore, for the project side, it is imperative to make good use of existing community resources, brainstorm ideas, collect excellent ideas and suggestions, and ultimately enhance the value of the project.


In many of the blockchain application landing scenarios, the game is undoubtedly the most suitable one. Blockchain+ games are considered to be the next point of growth in the blockchain application area. Globally, there are nearly 35 million blockchain wallet users, and there are currently few excellent blockchain game projects. The planet belongs to the development of traditional small games to the blockchain. Its advantage is that the game production is relatively simple, the project team has rich experience in the production of traditional small games, the project is convenient to use in the blockchain, cross-chain games, game basic users. Development and other aspects have been relatively successful.

On the other hand, there are shortcomings in the overall architecture design of the game platform and the application scenario design of the certificate. The overall strength of the project team is weak, and the development experience in the blockchain field is shallow, although it has been developed in many game fields. Blockchain game, but lacking a fist game product, the overall evaluation of the project is as follows:


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