LedgerX called the "Futures Oolong Event" a media rumor and declined to comment on the CFTC related issues.

A few days ago, it was reported that the US-regulated cryptographic derivatives and clearing platform LedgerX grabbed the first physical settlement of bitcoin futures contracts before Bakkt and ErisX. The head of LedgerX said: "The media that disclosed the news, CoinDesk, misunderstood the scope of the release. The Omni platform we launched currently only has options and swaps, and there is no bitcoin futures." LedgerX Chief Operating Officer Juthica Chou said, "We We have always been in close contact with the CFTC. We now have three licenses, one that allows us to list options and swaps, one that allows us to list options, swaps and futures DCM (designated contract market), and one that allows us Clearing options and swap DCO licenses. We are waiting for the DCO amendment, LedgerX will increase futures when we get the DCO amendment. In addition, about LedgerX CEO Paul Chou mentioned in Twitter on the issue of suing CFTC LedgerX declined to comment on the CEO’s tweet.