The situation is getting more favorable to the market, why the BTC does not rise and fall

Although the current favorable factors for the currency circle are increasing, but the global economic risks are intensifying, the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is obviously not as good as that of gold. At present, New York Gold has broken through 1480 US dollars and continues to expand space. This shows that the interest rate cut is indeed supporting the strength of gold. Some hot money flows into safe haven, but with the strength of the US dollar index, hot money is still stranded in the United States. There is no spillover effect. Yesterday, usdt issued 100 million yuan. It seems that it has no big impact on the market. The overall capital inflow is still too small to support the bitcoin bull market. However, the current global economic instability cannot fall. How many.


BTC took out a breakthrough Yangxian line the day before yesterday, but yesterday it immediately received a heavy-weight Yinxian. Fortunately, the Yinxian line did not penetrate the position of the front half of the Yangxian line. In yesterday’s analysis, we also mentioned the current The volume will not go very smoothly, and it may oscillate and digest the float. From the current trend, we should pay attention to the gains and losses of the 5 antennas. If we lose 5 antennas, we will further test the support level around 11,000 USD. The point is the double-bottomed neckline position. If the point is not broken, the low-suction waiting for the volume can be broken. If it falls below the point, it will return to the 10,000-yuan integer mark support.


ETH has already reversed the previous day's Yang Xian, and the trend is weak. I personally think that the reason for the trend comparison is related to the capital property of this round. This round of market launch is mainly caused by the tension of MYZ, mainly for safe-haven funds. In the attractive face, the target is certainly not as attractive as the BTC. This can be seen from the previous volume and increase. The target’s willingness to do more is not strong. Yesterday, I thought that the choice of direction was repeated. We can't even see the pressure of 250 dollars that we mentioned yesterday. The weakened area of ​​the macd indicator is diverging upwards and has not yet reached the strong area above the zero axis. For this target, it should be cautiously involved.


Although we were very optimistic about the rebound of BCH, the volume of the target still makes us dissatisfied. At present, the target has fallen below and will go into the transaction-intensive area. It needs volume to provide sufficient turnover rate. Yesterday we Let everyone be vigilant and be alert to the possible drop at any time. The target has tested the pressure of 120 antennas three times in succession and failed to pass. This indicates that the pressure at this point is still relatively large. We can use 120 antennas as the strong and weak points. The boundary, for the moment, has fallen below 5 antennas and may follow the market down.


BNB maintains yesterday's point of view. After a brief shock, it still has to go down. We don't deny the long-term value of the target, but we are not optimistic about the trend for the next period of time. At most, we will re-suck 60 antennas and continue to down. Operation, the averaging system keeps the short position, the macd indicator is glued after repeated repeated gold forks in the weak area, no divergence direction, the indicator has a strong pointing meaning above the zero axis, the target re-station back to 60 antennas and makes The 60-antenna head can only get rid of the current downward trend. Personally, the low point of $24 cannot be effectively supported, and will continue to test. The next support level is around 21 US dollars, paying attention to risks.

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