Comment: Bitcoin market leading rate will reach 80%, the era of altcoin and hard fork coins has ended

Bitcoin advocate Max Keizer predicts that the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin will continue to consolidate its market advantage, while the era of altcoin and hard fork will end.

Max Keizer released Twitter that the dominant position of Bitcoin will be further increased to 80%, and the altcoin is dying from the market. He further urged the public to leave other crypto assets and invest in bitcoin. He wrote in Twitter,

"The market dominance of Bitcoin is 68.2% and will reach 80%. The altcoin will disappear because people support Bitcoin. The era of altcoin and hard fork coins from 2014 to 2017 has ended. Don't make the last one to leave. The altcoin turned to Bitcoin."

In the past week, along with the rise in bitcoin prices, its dominance in the encryption market has continued to increase. According to the data, the market leading rate of Bitcoin is currently 68.36%, setting a high of nearly 28 months since April 12, 2017. Market analysts believe that when the dominant rate of the Bitcoin market rises, its gains will continue. Vinny Lingham, co-founder of identity protection and management startup Civic, once said that the real sign of the bull market is that the altcoin and bitcoin are no longer relevant in the rebound process.

Last week, Keiser also predicted that Bitcoin would have a chance to break through $15,000 this week. Keiser wrote:

“I feel that Bitcoin will exceed $15,000 this week. Confidence in the central government, the central bank and the centralized legal currency is at a low level for decades.”

As the Sino-US trade war has intensified in recent days, the price of Bitcoin has once exceeded $12,000. Although prices have subsequently fallen, concerns about the instability of the global economic situation have once again triggered concerns about Bitcoin as a “safe haven”.

By Xiu MU

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