Bitcoin hits 12,000 US dollars on the station, the reason is actually the main force of 1.7 billion funds

The enthusiasm of the main fund is not diminished, and once again force the price to rise to 12,330 US dollars, but the time of force is actually the time when the market volatility is not big! At the same time, domestic and foreign funds still maintain large inflows, but foreign funds have shrunk by half. Therefore, the operation still needs to be rational…

Bitcoin's price today suddenly hits at noon, and it has risen to around $12330. This time, compared with the previous one, it gives a unique insight on the volume of trading. You can pay attention to the second part . Focusing on the funds, the enthusiasm of the main funds and retail funds, the net inflow has maintained a certain high, which is the most powerful reason for the price increase. At the same time, we noticed the trend of domestic funds, which was as high as 5.24 billion compared with yesterday's funds, reflecting investors' optimism about the follow-up market of the bitcoin market. However, it should be noted that foreign funds have become abnormal today, and the inflow of funds is only half of yesterday's, indicating that foreign investors are avoiding the risk of high prices! Therefore, the operation can be cautious, especially to enter the market to chase!

I. Analysis of capital flow

(Data from aicoin)

As of 4 pm today, BTC's overall capital flow, the main net inflow of +2.997 billion, the net inflow of retail investors +44.95 billion. Compared with yesterday, the main capital and retail capital inflows have been slightly reduced. It is not difficult to see that the BTC price has reached a high level, and the main force and retail investors are also relatively cautious. On the whole, however, compared with last week, capital inflows have been a large phenomenon, indicating that the bullish trend is still healthy.

(Data from aicoin)

Concerned about the changes in the main force of nearly 24 hours, the overall view of funds, the net inflow of main funds within 24 hours is 2.967 billion. Compared with yesterday, the net inflow of the main funds has been slightly reduced, but the overall impact is not significant.

At the same time, I noticed that within 24 hours, from 1 pm to 3 pm today, the mainstream capital inflow and outflow was a large sum of money, especially the inflow was as high as 5.785 billion, and the net inflow was as high as 1.72 billion. It is not difficult to see that the main force Funds in this past period of little fluctuations, is to break through the pressure, and finally the price rushed to a new high near 12330 dollars.

Concerned about the 24-hour data, the net inflow of USDT reached 5.24 billion , and the net inflow of USD reached 2.231 billion today. Compared with yesterday, the net inflow of USDT increased slightly, indicating that domestic investors are still enthusiastic about the subsequent price increase of Bitcoin. However, the USD has not been reduced, indicating that foreign investors are cautious about whether BTC prices can continue to rise.

Therefore, at present, it seems that the main force suddenly pushes the price to a new high, especially when the market has not fluctuated in the past, which is worthy of investors' attention. At the same time, it is also noted that foreign funds are cautious today. Operational attention needs to be paid attention to. The low-level thinking is still the same, but the target position should be noted, not too high!

Second, K-line technology judgment


BTC 4 hours cycle, as can be seen from the figure, the price has exceeded the important pressure of 11800-12000 US dollars, and then came to around 12300 US dollars. However, it should be noted that this increase in trading volume is significantly weaker than the previous two increases in volume.

In contrast, the first wave of prices came to around 13900 dollars, the volume was around 47K, the second wave rose to around 13100 dollars, the volume was about 28K, and the price of this wave has come to around 12,300 dollars, the deal The maximum amount is about 17K. It is not difficult to see that the difference between the first wave and the second wave is 12K, and the price of the high point is almost 800 points. The difference between the third wave and the second wave is 800 points, and the volume is about 11K. Is there a very special taste in it!

Of course, there are only some speculations before, and the focus is still on the next market. Short-term pressure is just around $12,300 in the previous high, and then you can see if the market can break through the pressure.

Operationally, pay attention to the support of 11800-12000 US dollars. This position is changed from pressure to support. See if the price will fall back. If there is a fall, find a low point and try to take advantage of the trend!


Let's take a look at BCH today. How do you say it today? In fact, it is just a bit. Before BTC didn't move, BCH moved, and this time BTC moved. We will see BCH again. The bullish energy is obviously not strong, and the price is relatively stable. ! At the same time, taking note of the 4-hour cycle chart, you can see the short-term pressure of 355-360 US dollars, the price of the second test pressure, then look at the price trend of this position?

Therefore, BCH operation, can wait for the price test pressure, if the price breaks through the pressure, you can choose to enter the market at the pressure to place more orders, in line with market trends. Of course, the premise of this wave of operation is that the price is on the pressure!

Operational reference:

Based on the above judgment, in terms of operation, I think:

BTC spot only wants to earn a few hundred points, you can choose around 11600;

With the contract operation, the megatrend long market continues to maintain, so the trend is relatively low and the risk is relatively low. Concerned about the position of 11850-11900 US dollars near the light warehouse layout, stop loss attention above 11,700 dollars, the target is near 12200-12300 dollars. Personal advice, for reference only.

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