Babit's mine pool MatPool announced to be the Amino Network super node

According to official information from Babbitt, MatPool, a mine of Babbitt, recently announced that it will become the Amino Network super node. MatPool is built by the Babbitt team. It is a new mining product launched by Babbitt after Babbitt Information, Babbitt Forum and Time Stamp Capital, which further enriches Babbitt's product layout in the blockchain field.
Amino Network is the next generation 5G edge computing network. Through the 3-layer intelligent computing network and innovative PoC consensus mechanism, the system will be built to optimize the power dispatching, integrate idle computing power, and connect the supply and demand sides!
Amino's vision is to become a cloud-side computing network that surpasses Amazon AWS, providing infrastructure services for massive devices in the 5G Internet of Things era. Currently, it has gathered more than 20 super nodes such as matpool, Hufu Exchange, Divided Wallet, Coin Wallet, TokenHODL, etc. And massive city nodes, Amino will become the world's first blockchain project for large-scale commercial applications in 2019!