Opinion: GitHub ban is not conducive to Iranian blockchain developers, people's interest in bitcoin business is still growing

According to CoinDesk, GitHub has recently identified and banned Iran accounts, and blockchain developers are unable to participate in software projects that include proprietary code bases or provide paid services to businesses. Behkame CTO Behrad Khodayar said, "Most cryptocurrency/blockchain projects being developed by companies around the world are hosted in private code bases. For developers from banned countries, GitHub's restrictions will be on their careers and whether they are Being able to join such a world-class company has a major impact." Some restrictions have also been mistaken for Iranian nationals living in Europe or North America. Khodayar said his team could not use the TradingView code to draw upcoming trading charts and technical indicators. Khodayar used LocalBitcoins to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In May of this year, the service began to ban Iranian users. According to sources, some Bitcoin traders still use the site to post offers under the pages of other countries. Interest in Bitcoin has grown, not shaken.