Coin Safety: The KYC data transmitted by the telegraph group does not match the information of the Coin Security System and is currently under investigation.

In response to the incident of the suspected currency user KYC data leaked on the Internet, the official Weibo officially responded that the currency has immediately launched an investigation: 1. KYC information disseminated in the relevant telegraph group and user KYC information in the currency security system Not consistent, and it is not yet possible to prove that the information comes from the currency. The internal information of the currency security is all electronic watermarks, and these pictures transmitted online do not have a specific electronic watermark. Since the source of the current data is not known, the money security team is working hard to determine the true source of the information. 2. Protecting users' privacy, financial security and system security is always a top priority for the currency security. Coin Security has adopted multiple security measures to protect user data security, and we will maintain a high degree of transparency in communication with the community, and keep abreast of the latest developments in your investigation. Coin security customer service will not contact you actively, please beware of fraud.