Egretia's first chain of football kings is hot


With the booming development of the blockchain game industry at home and abroad, Egretia also officially announced today that it will cooperate with the world-renowned e-sports social platform Jplay Le Tour Technology to release "Soccer King", which is expected to start pre-sale next week , with players. Formally meet!


"Football King" is a blockchain-based football mobile game created by Egretia. The game has real data of more than 5,000 professional players in the world. The picture is comparable to the FIFA full 3D game. Players will be able to automatically play against the game during the game. A realistic game based on a physical simulation engine.


The game supports a variety of cryptocurrency recharge, including EGT, ETH and so on. In the football king, players can sign a superstar that has become famous, can dig into the top stars of other clubs, or explore the potential of the new star. Enjoy unlimited football and earn a generous transfer fee!

Football has always been the most influential sport in the world, attracting hundreds of millions of fanatics around the world. This time Egretia and JPlay, partners will focus on promoting in overseas markets such as Taiwan and Japan. What kind of spark will the most attractive e-sports entertainment elements in modern times collide? Stay tuned~

About JPlay

JPlay, an emerging e-sports social platform with the vision of creating the world's largest gamified e-sports social platform, hopes to enable global players, live masters, game developers and all through the blockchain decentralization and non-tampering technologies. If the related industries are in the world of music and games composed of games and blockchains, they will provide players with rich e-sports entertainment content, gamified entertainment community, live interactive group chat, etc., and are using cutting-edge blockchain systems and JPT. The mechanism of the game is designed to help users easily experience the charm of the blockchain and lead the e-sports industry in Taiwan to the world.

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Egretia is the world's leading HTML5 blockchain gaming ecosystem, bringing the existing 250,000 developers and 1 billion mobile devices to the world of blockchain. Egretia has combined the existing HTML5 technology and tools with the blockchain to successfully create the world's first complete blockchain game development workflow.

With the Egretia blockchain game development workflow, developers can easily and efficiently create blockchain games without having to pay attention to the complex underlying technology implementation of the blockchain, and open up virtual asset flows between games. The Egretia ecosystem also includes game open platforms, crowdfunding platforms, game digital asset exchanges, and incubators. It will provide players, content providers, and channels with comprehensive blockchain solutions and services for the circulation of upstream and downstream resources. Provide a more open environment and build a complete game ecosystem.