"Da Ma Wang Sicong" with LGC to reconstruct a new game ecosystem

The development of blockchain games and the pain points that exist:

The game is second only to the industry where the blockchain application is suitable for financial applications. According to the new 2018 Blockchain Game Research Report, the global blockchain game industry has experienced a 1.0 to 4.0 replacement. Wilderness – Blockchain game 1.0 era. Most of the game apps stay in the gaming stage, and the gameplay is very simple. The first blockchain game was the Nakamoto Scorpion, which was born in 12 years.

Exploring period – blockchain game 2.0 era. Capital and developers have seen the potential of blockchain technology in game applications, so they began exploring game-based Dapp applications based on blockchain technology. During this period, the encrypted cat turned out to ignite the development enthusiasm of the game Dapp.

Growth period – Blockchain game 3.0 era. Blockchain technology allows game participants to have real ownership of virtual assets. Although the current performance of the public chain is not mature, the number of game Dapps is low, but the game ecosystem is further expanded. With the demand for asset trading, there will be more opportunities to integrate various virtual asset trading platforms.

Maturity period – 4.0 era: The future blockchain game should not stay at the stage of payment ability. It should have a huge wealth effect, make randomness more powerful, have practical significance, and have a wealthy and fun blockchain. The game can last forever. LGC came into being.


Pain points:

The game industry is one of the fastest growing areas of blockchain applications and the best way to expand its influence. But until now, the development of blockchain games has not been very smooth.

The first is that the game mode is relatively simple. Since the world's first blockchain game, Cryptokitties, has achieved great success in Ethereum, blockchain games of various pets have emerged in an endless stream, but this mode of changing the soup will only allow more players. Deteriorating. Secondly, the size of game users is still small. Players are generally coin users, and even many ordinary players do not know what blockchain games are, let alone face the masses, reaching the height of traditional games.

Why blockchain games have such obvious advantages, but the development is still so slow? In the final analysis, blockchain games do not form their own ecosystem, and can not do the public players for various needs.

How will L GC solve industry pain points?

According to the LGC team, the establishment of LGC is to create a new blockchain game ecosystem. In this ecosystem, both the masses of players and game developers can make the money they want. Provide a unique and reliable overall solution to the problems in the current game industry. In this scenario, the platform uses (LGC) as a unified token for all transactions in the game and other associated businesses, ultimately forming a huge ecosystem.


LGC ecological layout

1. New game incubation. Established the LGC Foundation to invest in the development of new games. The game is released on the LGC chain (you can send coins in the side chain), and different games can also be acquired on LGC to achieve industry-optimized integration.

2. Game currency exchange exchange. Pass other LGC or points with LGC.

3. Game currency storage value-added platform. A large number of unconsumed points or game tokens are idle in each game account, and now all can be turned into LGC, and externally store and manage wealth, gain revenue, improve asset utilization efficiency, and automatically make money while playing.

4. Game asset business platform. In the past, game assets (accounts, props, equipment, merchandise, etc.) can only be traded in closed single games; now with LGC, different game assets between games can achieve free trade between games, which is very convenient. Players transfer assets between different games.

5, game social tools. In the past, the isolation of different game communities, now, all game communities can be integrated on the LGC platform, breaking the boundaries of the original community and forming a large community of games.

In this ecosystem, all players have ownership of their own game assets, because LGC tokens are liquid, players can even play a variety of blockchain games and trading digital currency, while enjoying the fun of the game, but also make money income.

In the future, not only will LGC be a highly used and valuable platform for millions of businesses and individuals, but LGC tokens will also become the mainstream digital currency in the world.

When most of the blockchain project teams are focused on the financial industry circuit, the LGC team uses blockchain technology to cut into the game industry track, to create a high-performance public chain for the game industry to solve industry pain points.