The Grin mining machine has a 20,000 US dollar, earning thousands of dollars a day, and the Asic mining machine is about to start.

Grin's heat is the highest in early 2019, no ICO, no pre-excavation, no investors, and the "three nos" resume makes it a dazzling star.

Since January 16, the price of Grin has experienced three peaks of $14.7, $13.3 and $6.4, the lowest price is $1.9, the current price is $3.2, and the market capitalization is about $54.3 million.

Grin used the algorithm called Cuckoo Cycle in the POW consensus mechanism on the block. The algorithm was divided into anti-Asic C29 and Asic-friendly C31. According to the design, the initial C29 algorithm will produce 90%. The block, C31 only produces 10% of the block. After about 8 days, the former's percentage of the block was reduced by 1%, and the latter by 1%. Two years later (January 2021), the Asic-friendly algorithm's block rate rose to 100%.

Grin algorithm adjusts the block scale map (from Tokeninsight)

▲Grin algorithm adjustment chart (from TonkenInsight)

This design guarantees GPU mining in the early stage, which attracts more attention with a low threshold. Later, the mining of Asic mining machine pursued scale, and it was approved by miners, mining machines, exchanges and other parties.

At present, the Spark Pool and the Fish Pond are the main battle areas of the Grin computing power, which probably has 50% of the total network computing power. According to Qiu Xiaodong, head of the China market of Xinghuo Mine Pool, Grin is currently the highest-yielding currency of N-cards (except for the skyrocketing currency).

The project has a halo, Asic is friendly, and the income is high. This is naturally in the middle of the mining machine dealers. Previously, including Vidtoo, Innosilicon and Obelisk announced that they will launch the Grin Asic mining machine, which is expected to be available in the summer of 2019.

Now, the news is coming.

At the beginning of August, Zhejiang Microcomputer Science and Technology issued a document saying that the legal representative of Microcomputer Technology is the joint chairman of Jianan Yuzhi, Kong Jianping. It will release the G1 series of GrinAsic mining machines, which are divided into MINI and PLUS versions, all supporting C31 and C32 ( C31 iterative algorithm) two algorithm models.

WeChat screenshot_20190807132034

▲Zhejiang Microcomputer Technology WeChat public number screenshot

According to public information, the G1MINI calculation power is 50Gps, and the G1PLUS calculation power is 500Gps. The delivery time is different for different prices (October-December 2019), the former has a maximum price of $1,950 (13650RMB), and the latter has reached an astonishing $19,500 (136,500 RMB).

In April, Core Dynamics also announced the preliminary parameters of the Grin mining machine. There are three models, which are divided into G32-Mini, G32-500 and G32-1800, which are also compatible with C31 and C32 algorithms. The G32-Mini computing power C31 is 21.5Gps, C324.5Gps, and the scheduled price is $799. The C32-500 has a C31 of 100Gps, a C32 of 20Gps, and a predetermined price of $2,888. The G32-1800 has a C31 of 328Gps, a C32 of 65.6Gps, and a predetermined price of $9388 (65716RMB). The booking began in April and it is expected to begin shipping in August 2019.

It is not difficult to find that the Grin mining machine is really expensive. Is there any reason for this expensive? Come and count.

C29 C31

▲Data comes from fish pond F2Pool

At present, the C31 network computing power is 133.84Kg, taking G1PLUS as an example, its computing power is 500g, which means that the C31 is currently digging the GPU computing power, which is almost equal to 274 G1PLUS. The G1MINI is almost 2,740 units.

This shows that as soon as the Grin mining machine is on the market, the C31 algorithm is immediately the world of the Asic mining machine. Moreover, the previous earnings were huge.

Grin's block time is 1 minute, 60 pieces per minute, and 86,400 pieces are produced in 24 hours. In September, the C29 and C31 algorithms were scaled to 6:4. That is to say, the C31 algorithm in September can produce about 34,560 pieces, which is calculated based on the current price of 3.14 US dollars of Grin, and the output value is 10,8518.4 US dollars. Suppose there are only 274 G1PLUSs in the market, and the average revenue per share is $396 (2772RMB). From this point of view, it is not surprising that even the G1PULS unit price is nearly 136,000 RMB. After all, it seems to be back in 50 days. You know, the first shot of the Asic mining machine can always earn a lot of money.

However, you must feel that there is something wrong. That's right. The problem is that there are not only 274 mining machines in the market. Assuming that the price of the currency does not rise, if the market invests in a large number of mining machines at once, the computing power will rise sharply, and the profits will be greatly reduced, and the return period will also be extended.

In July, the Obelisk publicly announced the abandonment of the Grin mining machine R&D and a full refund at the subscription price. The reason is the lack of development funding and the lack of interest in users of Grin. This somewhat reflects the fierce competition in the Grin mining machine market and the market worries that Grin did not have as expected.

Qiu Xiaodong told Babbitt that the development of the Grin ASIC mining machine is not technically difficult, and more concerns about market expectations. Previously, miners have already achieved successful production in the laboratory, but the costs involved in the sale of ASIC miners include R&D, filming, marketing, warehousing and logistics, etc. Currently, Grin’s inflation rate and total market value and currency price cannot be Supporting a large number of manufacturers to distribute goods, so basically manufacturers are waiting to see the state.

When will Grin welcome the first Asic mining machine? How many machines will mine next? This is a game problem in the market. Babbitt's consulting core and the microcomputer did not get an exact answer. However, Core Dynamics previously announced that the delivery time is August, while the microcomputer technology is October. I believe that we are not far from the time node of the Grin mining machine.

WeChat screenshot_20190806161640

▲Grin currency price chart (from non-small)

Here is a story of the disaster that has been greatly increased in the past.

DCR, German letter, in the beginning of 2018, a wave of independent market, in April, the first Asic mining machine was launched, according to Toneninsight calculated its return period is only one month. However, the price of DCR began to fall after May. Not only that, as of April 2019, 13 mining machines were on sale, and the computing power skyrocketed. The DCR miners who had a bad time at the entry time experienced an unforgettable experience of nine deaths.

Woolball Technology co-founder Weng Yiyao once said that Dart's ant D3 just sold out 13,000 and was fired to 26,000, 28,000 and 30,000. In the beginning, the machine's profit per day was between 1800 and 2,000 yuan. The manufacturer advertised that this is not a mining machine, this is a small household printing machine. As a result, the mining machine continued to go on the market, and the computing power skyrocketed. The daily income dropped from 1800 to 24 yuan. "More than 50,000 machines bought 24 yuan a day profit, do you know how long it will take to return to this?" He was so sad at a roundtable forum.

In 2019, small minerals became a small hot spot, and "demon coins" appeared frequently. However, relatively speaking, these currencies have been stuck in the GPU mining stage. It is rare to hear that mining machine manufacturers are willing to launch Asic mining machines. The main reason is that the currency price has skyrocketed and the existing volume may be difficult to support the Asic mining machine.

Grin is a PoW currency that is now popular in the Staking economy. The admission of the Asic mining machine is still worth looking forward to. After all, this is the adult gift of the PoW currency. Moreover, the bull market before the halving of Bitcoin, many people believe that it will come.