The user information of the currency circle has been leaked on a large scale, and the fire currency and the currency security have issued risk warnings one after another.

On August 6th, a large number of users of the currency said that they received a call from a customer service company called Firecoin, Coin Security, etc., and asked WeChat to add a WeChat. It has been confirmed that this is a fraudulent call to pretend to be an exchange, but the source of information leakage has yet to solve the puzzle.

Pretending to be an exchange customer service, a large number of users received a phone call

“The user information of the coin security has been leaked? Some people claim to be the customer service of the coin security, and they are constantly chasing the invitation to participate in the event.” A user yesterday questioned the community of the coin security community.

He replied: "There have been more recent charges of currency security, fire coins, OKex, and bit mainland." She said that she "had received an inquiry about whether to purchase the phone number of competing users, which was not too serious."

Many users have spit out of similar calls, and the hardest hit area is marked with fire coins and coins. The basic routine is: "First pull you into the group, there is a so-called teacher lecture, and then pull you to some unreliable exchanges to invest some unreliable coins."

Information leakage or network hijacking? How to self-certify the platform

Is the exchange leaking user information? He did not respond positively, but said: "As for the information leakage, the best way to identify is that a mobile phone number has only registered a certain platform." Some users said that their mobile phone number is in 4 exchanges. The platform is registered. However, some users said that the mobile phone number that has never been registered on any platform has also received a call.

"It may also be the operator network hijacking, with accurate user portraits, such as the length of time to log in to a website and the consumption of traffic. The other party can take the initiative to call, but do not know the user's mobile phone number, so the phone needs to add WeChat, if you know the number, you can directly Added in batches." Technicians analyzed.

The trading platform is hard to prove the innocence of information leakage. Today, another news broke the news that the currency KYC data was leaked. Users who are nicknamed Guardian M establish a "FIND YOUR BINANCE KYC" live broadcast group in Telegram, and broadcast KYC data and photos of users suspected to have been leaked from the currency. The suspected KYC information is February 24, 2018.

Fire coins and coins are issued with risk warnings, beware of scams

Such a large-scale information leak should not be underestimated. On August 5th, the currency was replied to the user on Weibo: "The scams are constantly emerging, and everyone must be vigilant."


On August 6th, the official website of the Fire Coin released the “Prompt Tips on Preventing the Official Staff of Counterfeit Fire Coins from Conducting Network/Telephone Fraud”, stating: “There will not be any user information leaked to the outside world in any form.” But from the announcement, Although the fire coins denied the establishment of "teachers with a single", "guided speculative coins" investment community, but at the same time the default has contacted users to join the official "novice camp".


Babbitt is here to remind the users, be vigilant and beware of being cheated.