Coin’s statement on the “KYC Incident”: 300 bitcoins were extorted by unknown people and the case is still under investigation

The official Weibo official said today that we have recently received a threat from an unidentified person and were asked to exchange 300 bitcoin chips for the 10,000 KYC information he claimed to hold about Binance. We immediately set up a security team to investigate the case immediately after we learned it. The case is still under investigation. The unidentified person immediately began to disseminate relevant information to the public and the media because he did not get the blackmail immediately. After a preliminary review of the images posted online, we found that all the images were dated February 2018. During this period, due to the huge workload, Qian’an had outsourced some KYC audits to third-party service companies in a week. We are currently checking all information with third party service companies.