Opinion: Libra's production is essentially the result of an iterative upgrade of the cryptocurrency itself.

According to the WeChat public account "China Financial Magazine" August 7th news, "China Finance" 2019, the 15th, Qu Xianshi, Institute of International Monetary Research, Renmin University of China, and the International Institute of Technology and Economics of the State Council Development Research Center, Bao Hong jointly issued the document "Encryption" Changes in the monetary function of money. The article indicates that Libra's production is essentially the result of the cryptocurrency's own iterative iteration if it comes to the objective laws of continuous development and evolution. Since the birth of the cryptocurrency, it has experienced several important development nodes. In order to make the currency of the cryptocurrency stronger, each time it is optimized for the pain points of the previous pain points, resulting in a large number of applications that are more extensive and convenient. The "coin" with more monetary attributes.