Hamburg, Germany, strongly supports blockchain technology

According to the official website of the World Federation of Tourism Cities on August 7th, the Central Radio and Television General International Online reported that Hamburg, Germany will strongly support blockchain technology. The Hamburg City Council believes that the significance of blockchain technology will become increasingly important in the next few years. At the same time, the government made a comprehensive report on the Hamburg blockchain-related activities for the first time. Mr. Michael Westhagemann, Minister of Economy of Hamburg explained: “Other cities will use blockchain-based financial instruments as a grey area of ​​regulation. Hamburg will develop blockchain as a key project: applying innovative blockchains to the energy economy, In the areas of logistics and industry. This move will create real added value in the form of increased efficiency and extra safety.” The Hamburg Economic Promotion Agency will provide one-stop consulting services for all companies. The Hamburg City Promotion Bureau hopes to make the pilot project transparent on the innovation platform The SME Hamburg 4.0-Skills Center plans to have a multi-day consultation with the blockchain application. In addition, a plan for the application potential of blockchain SMEs is planned.