Xiaoman Financial Blockchain Leader: Libra should be seen as the third milestone in the blockchain industry

According to Netease Business Report, on August 1st, in the roundtable discussion session of the Economic Forum “China Economic Report – Libra: The Future of Digital Money or Pandora's Box?” Li Feng, head of the financial blockchain When I first learned about Libra, I wondered why Facebook would push the blockchain. In connection with Zuckerberg's personal experience, only Zuckerberg is the younger CEO of these Internet. Others are older, so he is more accepting of blockchain and digital currency. According to speculation, he may want to use this thing to find a new growth point for the company, or a new potential power point. From the company's point of view, without over-interpretation, but from the blockchain industry, Libra should be regarded as the third milestone of the blockchain industry. From Zuckerberg's own point of view, it is not so Great, or not so selfless, may just promote the development of the blockchain industry, and find the next growth point for the company, because after all, the company is for the benefit, there is a lot of money in the long run, not for two years and three years. What to achieve, five years and ten years must be for the company's interests to do this.