Research: Trade disputes show the bitcoin "digital gold" true color

On August 7th, according to the report of the Institute of Money Security, Bitcoin’s correlation with safe-haven assets in traditional financial assets has risen sharply in recent months, especially last week’s US President Trump’s unexpected tax increase. After the news, we can even observe the close linkage between Bitcoin and safe-haven assets on the transaction data of the minute. This correlation is expected to continue in the short term. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the year-round trading of Bitcoin, it can become an indicator of market risk sentiment on weekends and holidays, and even provide a reference for the trend after the opening of the traditional market. This increase in correlation is consistent with the historical rule that bitcoin is more prone to safe-haven properties during trade disputes, and seems to show the nature of bitcoin as a global, decentralized asset – conservatism, protectionism The dislike, and insensitivity to the economic policy outlook, seems to indicate that Bitcoin is an asset that is outside the traditional market.