BLOCKLORDS: Write a grand epic with beautiful pictures

As Tronbet changed its name to WINK and conducted an IEO in the currency, WINk's trading volume quickly doubled and remained at a relatively stable level. However, this has further deepened the external view of the "spinach chain" of the wave field. Although WINK's 7-day trading volume is almost the sum of other DApps in the whole wave field, the rating given by the chain tower to WINK is only B, which fully illustrates the risks faced by the spinach DApp. Obviously, Wavefield DApp needs to be a good type of DApp to enrich the ecological structure.

In terms of game DApp, there are not many objects we can expect, and BLOCKLORDS is obviously one of them. BLOCKLORDS literally translated as "block lord", from the name reveals the atmosphere of the European feudal era. The game is indeed a strategy game based on the medieval European context, and such a theme is rare in the chain tour.

The game has won the Wavefield Accelerator Award and the NEO Blockchain Award for its high quality and is currently running on both TRON and NEO networks.

First impression: beautiful UI and grand world view

When I first saw BLOCKLORDS, it was shocked by its beautiful UI and magnificent music. Compared with other wave field games, it was a cloud. When loading, watching the progress bar constantly load all kinds of hero material, prop material, music material, there is really a feeling of playing traditional games.


After loading, you first need to create a hero.


Although these heroes are popular faces, they have different attributes (including intelligence, leadership, speed, defense, strength, and army). Once you have created a hero, you can enter the outfield map.


This is a real map of Europe. You can find not only European cities such as Paris and Frankfurt, but also real landscapes such as the Apennine Peninsula, the Alps, and Great Britain. There are cities and strongholds on the map, and there may be other players. You can rob the city and the base with other players, and you can also crunch the computer-controlled bandits.

The medieval background + beautiful UI really makes the first impression of the game become taller.

Combat system: real-time strategy war chess

As the core of the game, the BLOCKLORDS combat system is currently relatively simple, is an automatic battle based on the player's various attributes. However, the game team has put the combat system on the agenda.

In the interview, the game team said that the target of BLOCKLORDS is the game of "European Storm" and "Total War". However, as far as the combat system is concerned, the BLOCKLORDS combat system is an instant strategy war game, which is closer to the simplified version of "Fire Emblem" and "Dream Simulation Battle".

At present, the game team has a BLOCKLORDS Lite on ICON. In fact, it is a small game that takes BLOCKLORDS's battle out alone, which is the battle system of the future BLOCKLORDS.

In the battle screen, the map is divided into a lot of irregular grids, three players each player has three soldiers, each soldier has HP (red bars) and physical strength (green bars). Moving on the map takes a lot of effort (recovering over time), moving to the enemy or next to the city can take physical effort to launch an attack, depending on the nature of the two sides. The unit lost by the player will be revived within a certain period of time, but the resurrection interval will be longer and longer. There are three types of soldiers, infantry, cavalry and archers. There is a difference between restraint and mobility. The ultimate goal of the player is to capture the opponent's city.


From this we can see the strategic nature of BLOCKLORDS. The rhythm of the player's march, the timing of the attack, and the joint and hostile relationship between the three players are strong strategic points. The mutual relationship between the three arms is easily reminiscent of the flame coat of arms. Of course, the difference between the two is still very large.

This version is still in the process of optimization. After the battle system enters BLOCKLORDS, it is believed that it will greatly increase the strategic and playability of the game. It is worth looking forward to.

To be resolved: high threshold and mobile

Of course, there are also obvious shortcomings in BLOCKLORDS. The first is that the game entry threshold is too high. Take the wave field version as an example. To create a hero, you need 500TRX. To initiate a battle, you need a TRX of 100~200. Although the user can recover the game cost by trading the equipment in the market, collecting the city tax that he controls, obtaining the income of the city and the base treasury, etc., these recyclings are already a matter of course, and the game entry cost is obviously very high. The creation of a hero close to 100 yuan is enough to shut out many players. In comparison, the selling price of a war chess game "The Virgin Battle Flag" this year is only about 60 yuan. .

In addition, the game is currently mainly running on the PC side, although it can also be run on the mobile side on some wallets, but if the big map is to be transplanted to the mobile end, it will inevitably encounter many problems: the screen size of the mobile phone is difficult to accommodate the information of the big map. . At this point, the hand-games of some other war games are very illustrative:

The flame coat of arms reduced the map to a mobile phone screen, greatly reducing the number of combat units and unit movement. Although it is easy to operate and retains strategic, the grand epic feeling is severely weakened, and the battle is inevitably a small family; the fantasy simulation remains. A big map, but obviously a mobile phone screen can not be installed, a battle needs to repeatedly slide to touch different parts of the map, the operation is not simple enough, and can not take the overall situation.

At present, BLOCKLORDS is not optimized for the mobile terminal. Looking at the big map on the screen of the mobile phone, the city, the base, etc. are very small and not easy to operate. According to the characteristics of BLOCKLORDS, if you need to do mobile phone adaptation, the probability will be biased towards the scenario of fantasy simulation. How to improve the mobile experience in detail is a problem that the game team needs to consider.

Of course, relatively speaking, the high threshold of the game entry has a greater impact. The game team once said that the test phase and the initial hope to find loyal players through the threshold, this idea is no problem, but if the team hopes to gradually expand the player size Entering the threshold is still an urgent problem to be solved.

In general, BLOCKLORDS is an excellent game with excellent performance, certain gameplay and steady development. Wavefield DApp has achieved very good results in the development of this half year, but if you want to further develop, gain more recognition and create more value, games like BLOCKLORDS are indispensable members. Although DApp is now in a cold period, we hope that just like last year's bear market restructured the currency circle, the coldness of the DApp circle can also curb the proliferation of low-quality spinach, so that more excellent games like BLOCKLORDS can survive and The space for development.