Analysis of 22 blockchain industrial parks: 80% less than 2 years, 70% profit depends on government subsidies

According to the news report on August 7, since the establishment of the first application blockchain incubator base in Shanghai Baoshan District in November 2016, under the support of relevant local policies, in the past three years, various regions of the country have been established. A number of mainstream blockchain industrial parks. According to the "2019 China Blockchain Industrial Park Development Report" issued by CCID Blockchain Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), as of May 2019, the blockchain industry has been established (including under construction). There are 22 parks, 80% of which are established no more than 2 years. From the perspective of profit model, the current profit model of most blockchain industrial parks is relatively simple and single. The main sources of profit include government subsidies, rents, property management and equity investment, especially the previous dependence on government subsidies. According to the data in the Report, at present, more than 70% of the blockchain industrial parks are mainly subsidized by the government. More than 60% of the park's main profit sources rely on site leasing, and 50% of the park's main profit methods rely on equity investment and property. management.