Xiao Lei: Gold and bitcoin prices may rise in the future, and the relationship with specific investment returns is not so simple.

On August 8, financial writer Xiao Lei issued a message in his public account that in the past ten days, the international gold price has risen by nearly 8%, and the price of gold denominated in renminbi has risen by nearly 10%, while bitcoin has risen even more. More than 30%. Many investors have turned their attention to such safe-haven assets, but the problem is that investment is not a fashionable thing, even if such safe-haven assets will rise, do you think you can make money when you come in? From 2012 to 2013, China’s aunt snapped up gold. Although it has gradually been untied, the time has passed for five or six years. From the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, some investors rushed into the bitcoin market, and the price was close. 20,000 US dollars, so far, the price of bitcoin has only rebounded to 12,000 US dollars. But if some investors entered the gold and bitcoin markets ten years ago, today's prices fluctuate anyway, and the possibility of breaking through the cost of buying ten years ago is not great. The fact is that all the return on investment comes from choice and persistence. Although it is more efficient to be smart, the investment market is not more active than anyone else. Gold and bitcoin prices may rise in the future, but the relationship between this increase and your specific return on investment is probably not that simple. Of course, time can't go back, no one can go back to buy gold or bitcoin ten years ago. For those who are ready to invest, every day is the beginning, it will go to the day after ten years, and in my opinion It is not today, but the mentality and cognitive level of today.