Polkadot completes the security audit of the main network mapping contract, all issues have been fixed

According to Polkadot official website news. On August 7, the cross-chain project Boka Polkadot announced that the Web3 Foundation and the blockchain security audit agency Chain Security completed the security audit of the Boka main network mapping contract. No major problems were found. The remaining two medium and nine small The problem has also been fixed in the last code update. The Boca main network mapping contract is a smart contract in the Ethereum network, through which the cardholders can map the tokens used to mark the DOT balance in the Ethereum before the Boca Chuangshi block to the wave. The public key of the card's main network. According to previous reports, Weber Foundation cooperation manager Dieter Fishbein said that Polkadot's main network is scheduled to go online at the end of 2019, and the most evening line is in early February 2020.