The conflict is intensifying, gold or challenge history is new, is there a drama in BTC?

Yesterday, many central banks cut the benchmark interest rate to cope with the downward trend of the economy. Yesterday, there was a new MY war CP. Pakistan and the once suspended bilateral trade, the world economic outlook is worrying, the central bank also increased its gold holdings for 8 consecutive months. The price of Shanghai gold has approached 350. Then, with the escalation of regional trade conflicts, the price of gold will continue to climb, or hopefully challenge the historical high.


BTC's recent attraction seems to be much weaker than gold. In the future, it may test who is the real hedging tool. It was pulled up again after hitting 5 antennas yesterday, but unfortunately the target did not directly hit a new high. The amount is not as big as the Yinxian. It will not go smoothly with the current volume. It may oscillate and digest the float. From the current trend, we should pay attention to the gains and losses of the 5 antennas. If we lose 5 antennas, we will Will further test the support level near 11,000 US dollars, the point is the double bottom of the neckline position, do not break the point can be low suction waiting for the volume to break through, if it falls below this point, it will once again return to the 10,000 dollar integer Gateway support.


Compared with the strong BTC, ETH's trend is much weaker. There is no anti-inclusion of the front of the Yinxian, and the entire Yangxian line has been dropped. We also mentioned this in the previous analysis. The rebound was mainly caused by the tension of MYZ, mainly for safe-haven funds. In terms of attractiveness, the target is certainly not as attractive as BTC. This can be seen from the previous volume and increase. The target's willingness to do more is not strong. The weakened area of ​​the macd indicator is diverging upwards and has not yet reached the strong area above the zero axis. The demand for the target to go back to the 20 antenna is still relatively strong. Observe whether the 20 antenna can stop falling. If you stabilize at this point, you can challenge the pressure of 250 dollars again. If you lose 20 antennas, you will further test the support near 200 dollars, pay attention to the risk.


BCH seems to have entered a cooling-off period with no ups and downs. Both long and short sides are undoubtedly shot here. Going up will enter the transaction-intensive area and need volume to provide sufficient turnover. Yesterday we let everyone be vigilant. Be wary of the possible drop at any time. The target has tested the pressure of 120 antennas three times in succession. It has not passed smoothly, indicating that the pressure at this point is still relatively large. We can use 120 antennas as the dividing line between the strong and the weak. Look, it has fallen below 5 antennas for two days, and may follow the market down a wave.


BNB seems to be a bit different. Yesterday's Dayang line regained its 60-day moving average. It needs to be observed whether it can hold the point within a few days, and makes the 60-antenna head turn upward. There are signs of flattening, and the macd indicator is weak. The area repeatedly glues again after the golden fork, diverges upwards, and has not yet entered the zero axis. If the target regains 60 antennas and makes the 60 antennas turn upwards to get rid of the current downward trend, there are signs of improvement and patience. Observed, once again fell below 60 antennas to leave.

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