Research Report: Encrypted mining hackers gain additional revenue from intercepting metadata

According to CoinDesk, a report released by network security company Carbon Black shows that the famous Monero encrypted mining botnet in 2018 contains a secondary component that can obtain IP address, domain name information, username and password. Carbon Black researchers Greg Foss and Marian Liang said that the 2018 botnet operation was called "Access Mining," and they have been collecting secret data for the past two years, harvesting millions of dollars in the process. Hackers turned security data into a second source of income. The average price of a virus-infected machine in the dark online market is $6.75. Infected machines can even be rented for 24 to 48 hours as a passive source of income for hackers. Depending on the location of the machine and the owner, the value of the machine may spike. The two researchers said that Access Mining is likely to be the result of lowering Monero (XMR) prices after the bear market in 2018.