nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen: BTC supporters gave up their e-cash vision and turned to the value of the store

According to the Bitcoin Association, recently, nChain CEO and BSV supporter Jimmy Nguyen pointed out that BTC cannot cultivate a “ear-and-use” recursive economy because its blockchain capacity can only achieve a small block size. Unusable. Electronic cash systems require fast transactions and low fees. However, the Bitcoin core development group has ulterior motives to limit the BTC block size to less than 1MB. The 1MB block can only process 3 transactions per second, which is impossible to match the Visa network. At the same time, over time, BTC supporters abandoned Bitcoin's vision of “e-cash” and instead sold the BTC as a “digital gold” and “value store”. This "buy and hold" mentality has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.