Founder of BlockVC: Funds emerged to form a siphon effect on Bitcoin, giving other mainstream coins a chance to absorb

On August 7th, BlockVC founder Xu Yingkai said on his Weibo that, looking at the history of the entire encrypted digital currency, the average market capitalization of Bitcoin was 80-85% before the rise of ICO in January 2017, and in 2018. In January, ICO's market share of bull market pts was reduced to 33%. At present, the market share of Bitcoin is close to 70%. There is still 10-15% of the space in the early history. However, anything is extremely counter-productive. When everyone thinks that Bitcoin will become the only investment tool in the encryption market, all funds will quickly flood into Bitcoin to form a siphon effect, but will provide other mainstream currencies with opportunities for washing and absorbing. Other competition The oversold rebound of assets will also become a definite opportunity in the follow-up capital rotation.