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The concept of blockchain is now deeply rooted in people's minds, but is blockchain game a false proposition? Many people, including professional game media and game companies, have the following views on blockchain+games:

1. The underlying ecology is unclear, and a large number of game chain side chains are on the road, and the standards are not yet unified;

2, the performance is too bad, Ethereum only less than 20 tps, any interaction requires transaction fees;

3. The blockchain game that is currently seen is not a game, the mechanism is simple, and the life cycle is short;

4. The economic design of the certificate is a new talent demand, and there are fewer people who understand the blockchain and understand the game;

In particular, when the concept of blockchain games is exploited by Ponzi schemes and funds, people can't help but wonder, after FOMO3D, is there a dream left in the blockchain game?


If you look at the performance of the current blockchain game, it is really disappointing.

Mentioned blockchain games have to say Cryptokitties (crypto cat) this phenomenon-level Dapp, Cryptokitties (encrypted cat) is currently the longest survival and created a single record of the highest daily address of a Dapp, but the crook is the Cryptokitties (Encrypted cats) from the highest 10,000 active users to only 300-600 active users.

By mapping scarce, unique digital assets into characters in the game, players can feed, reproduce, trade, and more in these games, gaining a sense of pleasure and accomplishment in the process of parenting.

In addition, as a unique collection, the encryption cat uses the ERC721 technology to ensure the unique characteristics of each cat, making it not only entertainment consumption, but also has the property of investment collection – but it is difficult to retain users is a lot of games. The challenge of class Dapp.

The well-recognized Fomo3D project is to make the blockchain peripheral observers want to kill the blockchain.

Fomo3D has no white papers and no technical team. It is not to solve the pain points of the industry, nor to meet the market demand. Even from the beginning, its positioning is: open and transparent decentralized fund game, naked side Ponzi scheme. .

On his homepage, he swayed clearly: "Others have withdrawn from this scam game," and the words are all provocative seduce.

In the period of the bear market, the blockchain game was deadlocked and even used by some scammers. For example, the wave field is a platform that combines scammers to lie, and the DApp on the wave field is basically a gambling game and a fund disk. The dog racing competition to the "Happy Farm Gaming Edition", some even promised 100 times the reward.


Still going back to Cryptokitties (Credit Cat), in November 2017 Cryptokitties opened the door to the game Dapp – its milestone is that it proves to everyone that in Ethereum it is not only a token-issued application, there is a bigger The imagination of the space and the scene can be played and created.

In the blockchain, players can have assets in the game, and these assets have a broader liquidity.

Under blockchain logic, once the assets in the game are on the chain, these points, items, weapons, and characters can be attributed to the player's blockchain address, and the player has ownership of the address and the assets underneath it.

1. Assets are traded anytime, anywhere, and even transactions are not necessarily limited to one game.

2. Game asset reuse, such as the city you built in "My World", may appear in a game similar to World of Warcraft.

3. Because the ecology will be more open, a new game can be borrowed from the user of the existing explosion game.

4. After the core mechanism of the game is on the chain, players can view the game rules that were only hidden in the centralized server in the past, which creates a stronger trust between the developer and the player.

5, game developers and players will form a consensus in the blockchain world, players no longer have to worry about the game is closed, shut down the server, stop operations.

Fair and equitable mechanisms, and game updates that are agreed upon by the community, give players a more pure experience.

Ice breaking

Perhaps at this moment, a geek boy, or a developer in a software park, a project, is brewing a great idea, or is on the way to practice, it will define a blockchain + game A new way.

And this, once discovered and published by the first person, everyone's ideas will be immediately stimulated, this may be the turning point of the next blockchain game outbreak.

Blockchain games have always been a small thunderstorm, and there have been blockchain-based gaming platforms in the early days of the industry, but the operating conditions are not particularly good.

“At the beginning of last year, with the rise of smart contracts, we saw more imagination in the blockchain, because the resolution of trust issues, the winding of important assets, the transfer and the transparency of contracts, etc. Players have different identities from traditional games, and they have a greater sense of belonging and ownership. In order to actively embrace the blockchain technology to bring about the game, Mike Lee and his friends set up a 氪 planet, open An ice-breaking tour of the blockchain game.

The goal of the planet is to become the world's first blockchain game eco-level entrance. “Unlike other games or content distribution projects, we believe that the complete blockchain game ecosystem should include players to developers, from content production to content distribution, from blockchain native residents to traditional game migrants, from single players. The all-encompassing element of community player entry." This is the dream of Star Planet CEO Mike Lee and his friends.

"The above various elements work together to promote the entire ecology to enter the positive cycle, and accelerate the healthy development of the entire ecosystem, which is indispensable." CEO Mike Lee said, therefore, the planet's blockchain game ecological level entrance There are four meanings: player entrance, content entrance, public chain community entrance, channel promotion entrance.


They have already made a difference in building the world's largest blockchain game eco-level entrance.

On the basis of reducing the barriers to entry for traditional gamers and developers, the industry's first channel promotion system and community public chain plan can quickly acquire traditional game users and blockchain native users, providing a full-scale solution for the blockchain game ecosystem. .

The main network planet program has made real progress. In addition to Zilliqa Planet, more than a dozen games, users, and NFT trading protocols accumulated in the side chain of the planet can be transplanted to other public chains.

At present, it has accumulated a variety of apps from Ethereum Krypton Planet, Zilliqa Planet, and Comet Chain Planet. It has a built-in independent wallet and NFT wallet. The self-developed Ethereum and Zilliqa main chain NFT development agreement has accumulated more than 1.4 million users.

At present, I have independently developed a variety of games, including multiplayer real-time battle MMOTPS SuperPlayer, comet knight, simulation business card comet tycoon, casual game comet miner, quiz game explosion point, comet quiz, multiple NFT limited collection celebrity cards, etc. .

The Super Player game has been launched in the Ethereum and Zilliqa versions, stabilizing the Ethereum Dapp daily top 10; global players real-time battle; multi-chain players competing with the competition; Apple Store and Google Store global version is coming soon.

Among them, Zilliqa Planet officially launched only 10 days, with a cumulative registration of more than 20,000 people, users have invested more than 5 million ZIL, and accumulated a large number of Zilliqa core users from more than 80 countries around the world.

The planet will join hands with Zilliqa Radiation to connect the major public chains, leading more players into the blockchain through zero threshold, perfect infrastructure and really fun games.

Under the block-chain game eco-level entry structure, the Planetary Token economy is gaining market recognition.

Jingjing KGC landed at Startup, subscribed for more than 60 million US dollars, over 40 times subscription, over 5,000 people subscribed, opening price 4 times the startup price.

Coinvoice learned from the Planet Earth that the ETH function was officially opened in the KGC lockout. The first phase of opening two gears, lock 250,000KGC 90 days can return 0.35 ETH, equivalent to 25% annual interest rate; interest rate calculation based on KGC 0.005USDT and ETH 220 USDT, the price fluctuation will affect the actual interest rate.

The lock mode is completely in accordance with the decentralized chain lock mode. The KGC of the lock position is stored in the contract, and only the depositor's wallet can be called. The lock contract address is transparent and queried.

At the same time, inside the planet, the de-centered Defi using KGC borrowing ETH will be opened within one week. By using the chain contract to host KGC, there is no need for third-party mediation or platform, and players can complete KGC and ETH. Borrowing operations.

Through the KGC, Deco and the game are organically combined. The team uses its own understanding of the blockchain technology and uses the decentralized approach to open up the built-in KGC ecological cycle.

Perhaps, the inflection point of the blockchain game is not far away.

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