Who is the blockchain "Glory King" in romantic Qixi? The third place in the demon row is actually it.


The blockchain game has not yet become a qualified and fierce intruder. Under the glory of the king's glory and the chicken game, it may not even be a supporting role. This also left us with a guess: When will the blockchain game catch up with the pace of the Internet game hegemony "King of the Kings"?

So, at the romantic Tanabata moment, who is the "glory king" of the blockchain? Today, Xiaobian takes you into the world of blockchain games!


Number four: 0xUniverse "Ether Star"

The chain has always been full of yearning for the stars, and a 0xUniverse game in the Dapp leaderboard has attracted the attention of Xiaobian, and the space journey of Bees opens.


Background introduction

In the 22nd century, interstellar travel became a reality. In order to speed up the pace of human expansion of the universe, the federal government decided to sell some planets and introduce laws to protect the planet ownership of those planet discoverers.

Exploration begins

Each planet in the interstellar has a unique look and collectible value. Players need to explore, colonize, exploit resources, build spaceships in the game, and conquer the vast stars of the sea. Unlike the farm version of the Taiken Planet, the 0xUniverse is a blockchain-based 3D interplanetary adventure game.

Bess will introduce this game from a game player's point of view, and quickly explore the true face of the etheric star for interested friends.



In the official setting of Ether Star, Planet is the most valuable asset. The more the planet, the more opportunities there are.

Each planet has a unique look and nature: serial number, date of discovery, name, owner, quality (ordinary, rare, epic or legend) and sector. Among them, the higher the quality, the greater the value of the planet.


The entire interstellar space is divided into 1000 sectors. Each sector has an average of 1000 suitable colonial planets. There are up to 1 million planets in the etheric space, which are limited by blockchain smart contracts and never issued.

Inventing spaceship

With the planet, you can start building a spaceship, but first you need to invent the spaceship. Open my spaceship page and you will see the cumulative progress of knowledge. Knowledge is created by the inhabitants of the planet and is a necessary condition for the invention of the spacecraft.

The more stars you have, the more residents you have, and the more spaceships you can invent.


Xiaobian summary:

0xUniverse just arrived on the line soon to make the user's interest reached the peak, ranking in the first five days can break through 1000, can be said to be very good results in the DApp rankings.

With a unique asset system, simplified game style and 3D graphics, the design is very lively;


Number three: "Catch the demon together"

"Catch the demon together" is a combination of Tencent Game Innovation Studio and Tencent Blockchain. It is based on Augmented (Augmented hereinafter referred to as AR), which is based on the gameplay and uses blockchain technology to store games. Casual mobile game for digital pets.



In the game, the player interacts with various interaction points in the game through the relevant AR system of the game (catch, challenge, stall trading, etc.), and completes the growth line and harvests with various resources in the Lake District game. Game fun experience.

The core AR system in the game is AR capture: the player throws the game's magic weapon, Dreaming, into the AR object in the camera, which is the game's goblin.

Every time you throw a dream, you need to consume the energy of a demon soul. The human-computer interaction and scene substitution brought by the AR function is the most important emotional experience in this core gameplay.


The player collects the goblin through the AR game, and can obtain the goblin mark by repeatedly capturing the goblin. After the player gets enough marks, he can use the game currency produced by various ways in the game – the moiré to upgrade and operate the goblin.

After the level of the goblin is raised to a certain level, it can consume a certain amount of marks to awaken. The awakened goblin will have a more cool image, more skills and a stronger value.

In addition, the game also provides social games such as chat, compass, team, circle and so on. Players can use these games to find like-minded players to complete daily tasks, overcome PVE levels, and challenge circle missions.


Xiaobian summary:

A game or platform can't make players consume and lose value for entertainment, relying on the game of playing drums and flowers, and finally it is basically unsustainable.

The entry of traditional game makers brings high-quality games and lower thresholds, which is exactly what the “pure” chain tour lacks.

Tencent's entry has brought not only a new model and capital, but also blockchain science to millions of gamers. More importantly, a super-profitable field is accelerating the attraction of talent. Influx.

Only by combining the advantages of the traditional game manufacturers (such as Tencent) and the advantages of the "pure" chain tour, can all of the excellent "performance" of the blockchain be truly realized, so that the chain tour really begins to erupt.


Number two: Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Meng Chong is a collection game where players lead Mengdu to take risks. In the game, each pet belongs to the player himself. The player must collect, breed, and arm the pet to improve the skills…

Compared to traditional games, blockchain games have absolute advantages in virtual asset ownership, liquidity, and specificity.

However, it is still in the early stage, and it needs more low-threshold and fun products to attract the masses of users, help the public to participate in the blockchain world, and enjoy the economic value and entertainment enjoyed by the chain tour.


Since the day when Blockchain Cuties entered the multi-blockchain, it has been considered by most players to be the most updated and most relevant game.

Not long ago, "Block Chain Cute" officially changed the English name from "Blockchain Cuties" to "Blockchain Cuties Universe", and announced that the "Wars of Cutieland" plan will be opened in the first quarter of 2020.

Blockchain Meng Chong is a collection game where players lead Mengdu to take risks. In the game, each pet belongs to the player himself. The player must collect, breed, and arm the pet skills! The game allows players to trade pets in Ethereum through smart contracts, resell them to other players and earn revenue.


As a game that supports multiple public chains, Blockchain Meng Pet has fully utilized this feature. The cute pets in the game will be divided into four factions, representing the players on the four public chains: ETH, EOS, TRON and NEO. Each of the factions has different characteristics.


Blockchain Cuties offers players a wide range of pet options. In addition to differences in breeds and colors, pets will vary in many ways: algebra, breeding speed, frequency of adventure, animal type, grade, and wearables.

Game experience

As can be seen from the above table, Blockchain Cuties can develop more interesting and fun features than the old Ethereum, but it is a very distracting for young people who are getting faster and faster. The way, it will not take up too much time.

Compared to similar games, Blockchain Cuties has also made some gameplay innovations.


Number one: CryptoWars Encryption War

CryptoWars (Crypt Wars) comes with a wave of warlords to rule fantasy, and Encryption Wars is a completely decentralized strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In CryptoWars, users can build villages, summon troops to protect their e11 tokens and fight enemies to steal their tokens.

game rules

In essence, CryptoWars is a strategy game that allows you to build and customize your own village, build your own alliance, summon an army, fight the enemy and control the field… this will all be in the block Completed on the chain.


As a new player, you will start playing in a village and a building called The City Center.


Since you started from a village and city center, you will be responsible for developing your civilization, building mines, camps, and more.

The interesting part is that you will have the opportunity to upgrade everything you build to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently (such as conquering other areas).

You will earn points based on each currency unit you spend in building, building an army, research or defense. Users will be ranked based on points.


CryptoWars is not a "standard" strategy game. Instead, when you use the village portal to send your warriors to a new field – you won't be able to control what happens to your warrior.

Sometimes players may attack to destroy enemy defenses and collect valuable resources (such as gold, crystal or quantum dust) from the debris generated by the battle.

Xiaobian summary:

Unlike other games, CryptoWars is based entirely on Loom, which means users don't need Metamask or other types of digital wallets.

The team believes that the CryptoWars "Crypt Wars" game is one of the first games to offer players a more streamlined experience.


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