Large-scale disclosure of user information in the currency circle, frequent network/telephone fraud incidents

According to the, there are a large number of users who have received scam calls from the "customer service" and "big account manager" of the exchanges such as Firecoin, OKEx and Coin. The criminals illegally obtain the mobile phone number of the registered users of the exchange by various channels, and invite the users of the exchange to join the WeChat group or the QQ group in the form of electricity sales. After the users join the group, there will be a special "Marketing Department" to guide the customers to stir up the coins. The "Technology Department" is responsible for spreading Trojan viruses to customers. In addition, the fire currency issued a notice two days ago to remind users to prevent online/telephone fraud, but there are still users who have been harassed by fraud. The peacekeeping security lab reminds the users to be vigilant and beware of being deceived.