Spinach didn't keep gamblers, DApp didn't see tomorrow…

The spinach DApp is fading out of sight.

Spinach is the nickname for "gaming" in the currency circle, and DApp refers to applications based on distributed technology. A year ago, the spinach DApp was playing hot.

In the summer of 2018, the DApp FOMO3D was launched. The DApp, which was developed based on user gambling, arbitrage and speculative demand, attracted more than 200 million in less than 24 hours, which ignited people's ambitions for DApp development.

In this market environment, spinach DApp games are beginning to flourish.

How hot was the spinach at the time?

It can be said that after FOMO3D, new spinach DApps are launched online almost every few days. At the same time, the EOS public chain, which was just launched on the main network at the end of June, ushered in the outbreak of the DApp ecosystem, and a large number of DApp developers poured into the development of spinach DApp. For a time, DJ, a variety of spinach DApps such as scorpions, spurs, and dog racing, were sprayed in the top three global market capitalizations. The spinach DApp became a splendid fireworks in the long bear market.

At that time, the top 10 DApp apps with the highest 24-hour user activity were almost all spinach games. Spinach was once thought to have a natural fit with the blockchain and will be the first to be a major application.

At the end of 2018, we called spinach the pig on the DApp vent, and everyone wanted to come in. But by 2019, the sound of spinach gradually faded out of this circle, and a wave of old players and project parties were leaving. At the same time, DeFi (decentralized finance), Staking (storage of coins), IEO (issued by the first exchange), bitcoin bull market and other events are distracting the attention of the users in this circle, only the head DApp can live, as does the spinach DApp.

Maybe you will say that this market has never lacked gamblers. After the old players leave the game, there will be a wave of newcomers. But the reality is that neither spinach nor DApp ushered in the outbreak that they expected six months ago.

The sound of spinach is getting weaker and some players are leaving.

Since 2019, spinach seems to be out of date.

"I haven't played since I have been playing. I don't have any motivation at all." When asked if he still continued to play the spinach game, DApp old player Huang Xu shook his head.

A year ago, Huang Xu began to contact the DApp app, and the hot DApp he always experienced it once. But he almost never went to the spinach section.

Around October 2018, the spinach-style game on the EOS main website began to blow out. As more and more people entered the game to play spinach, Huang Xu also joined forces.

For Huang Xu, the driving force for playing spinach comes from “experience + making money”.

Huang Xu's spine main battlefield is the dice game Dice on EOS, but when the new project is released, he is always at the forefront, and is the first to join the new project community.

A few months ago, Huang Xu joined a new community for the new spinach project EOSJob. At that time, almost everyone in the community was playing, and the news of the discussion was continuous, and the minute news could soar to 99+.

Every time he goes online, Huang Xu spends an hour or two on the spinach. But after playing for a while, Huang Xu discovered that he had not earned money. The time spent on spinach had been squandered: "It’s really addictive to play behind, but later found out that this is a probability game, count it down. It must be a loss, not only delaying time, but also making money."

Gambling is actually a probability event, and the dealer has the probability of winning many times, but you only have one.

After realizing that spinach could not meet his own needs, Huang Xu left the scene. Now, looking back at the group of spinach applications that were joined at the time, Huang Xu found that there are quite a few players who are silently leaving.

"The EOSJob group did not have a voice, and it has become dead." Huang Xu said.

The Odaily Sunday newspaper found data through DAppTotal. EOSJob did have a lot of users when it was first launched. At one time, there were several peaks, but as of press time, there were less than 4 users.

There are a lot of players like Huang Xu, and most of them started to leave the game after 2019. Some players confessed to the Odaily Planet Daily: "Dapp is getting less and less experienced, spinach is not playing, it feels very cold."

Losing more wins is a big factor in the departure of gamblers.

According to PeckShield's data for the Odaily Planet Daily, starting in February 2019, the proportion of losers in the spinach DApp on the EOS chain has been rising. From February to May, the proportion of losers accounted for more than 50%, of which the proportion of losers in May 2019 was more than 60%; the wave of spinach DApps on the TRON chain accounted for losers The ratio has been more than 50% since October 2018.

Contrast, PeckShield team analysis: The reason why the loss of more people is because of the pressure of competition between platforms, there may be a situation in which the platform adjusts the winning rate algorithm. In addition, another possibility is that the user churn rate is large. Many users do not play after they feel a loss, so they are counted as loss users.

Gamblers gather in the head to lick the wool

"Spinach is a real market, just need the market. There are some gamblers who stay for a long time under this type of gameplay, so you said that he has no future, certainly not." An industry insider commented.

The currency circle is a market where speculators gather. If the currency circle is for people who want to earn 10,000 yuan for 10,000 yuan, spinach does provide a natural channel.

It is believed that even if the spinach DApp traffic is exhausted, gamblers will always exist. In this seemingly dead market, there are still some head spinach DApps that are gathering stock players.

In the past six months, although the WINK (Tronbet) daily users of the wave field spinach application have experienced slight fluctuations, their daily activities are almost stable at more than 2000.

The news of WINK's access to the currency IEO is also a major event in the recent DApp circle.

But for the WINK landing currency security incident, people have different opinions.

Proponents believe that compared to various concept air coins, DApp is at least a landing application, and the price of coins is supported by real trading volume.

Opponents criticize WINK as a junk project. Only speculating financial products is also building a castle in the air. It does not bring any value to the industry, and there is doubt about sustainability.

There is no shortage of gamblers in the market for spinach, but unlike the pure gambler mentality, there is a wave of “smart people” who are also targeting the dividend tokens behind the spinach DApp.

WINK's success in the currency has induced a new way for players to profit – gambling is mining.

Unlike Huang Xu, Charlie Sheen ridiculed himself as a "gamble dog" and said that he has a sturdy physique. He entered the spinach DApp from July last year. In his words, he is a veteran of the spinach DApp, and the spinach of EOS and TRX has been smashed up.

"You enter a field where there are hundreds of tables playing cards. Do you know how shocking it is? (Like) a few hundred tables in a rural wedding, not eating, playing cards." Charlie Xin told the Odaily Planet Daily reporter Describe the casino ecology he saw on the chain.

As the spinach sounds weaker, the spinach application begins to flow like a water, and he is a player who sticks to the spinach market. He can even tell some of the routines that the project side used before running the road – pretending to be a hacker attacking the prize pool, closing the road

Charlie Sheen said that the reason why he is keen on spinach is not only to satisfy the "gambling" desire, but also to "mining mine." “Mining” refers to the distribution of the spinach application's dividends by playing the spinach game, from Eosbet, Tronbet to BG (BigGame) and even some spinach DApp projects that have “running the road” and the currency “return to zero”. "薅" all over again.

"The good thing is that the game is mining. The bad thing is that gambling is mining. Otherwise, do you think that where do I come to gamble? Sometimes I dig and dig, win money and earn platform coins." Charlie Xin shared with Odaily Planet Daily I have been gambling on the experience of splitting red coins. "In general, early game games get more platform coins, and dividends are quickly returned. If he just announced the news or just opened a new section, you immediately (admission) is Big profit."

"The currency of WINK that I started digging the day before yesterday is now 2/3." Charlie Xinluo expressed his intention.

"It is impossible to work for a part-time job. Now the income of this DApp token has been dozens of times." At 1 am, Charlie Xin sent a message to the Odaily Planet Daily reporter saying that he had just gambled a few and was going to sleep. .

Spinach blue sea has passed, the Red Sea has not come

From the actual DApp survival data, spinach is still the most active category in the TRON and EOS chains.

But there is not much room left for the spinach DApp development team for speculators. This market is being monopolized by several spinach applications in the head.

PeckShield data shows that the head effect has emerged in the current two-chain spinach eco-chain EOS, TRON. Dice captures 70% of the spinach DApp total trading volume on EOS, and TRONbet captures 86% of the spinach DApp total trading volume on the wave.

In the past year, Dice and TRONbet were the total profit winners of the two major chain spinach DApps, with profits accounting for 46.02% and 70.63% of the top ten DApps in their respective public chains. Among them, the spinach DApp in the wave field chain except TRONbet has a profit ratio of no more than 10%.

Note: Statistical time: 2018-6-25 – 2019-5-31

Another data graph shows that during the period from September 2018 to March 2019, the profitability of spinach DApp on EOS was greater than the loss, but since April 2019, the loss of spinach DApp on EOS began to exceed the profit DApp. Quantity.

Recently, at the GBGSEC blockchain game eco-conference held in Shanghai, Niu Fengxuan, founder of DAppReview, also believed that the competition of spinach DApp heads was obvious: “To sum up, the spinach DApp is highly competitive, and only the head DApp can recover the cost.”

Niu Fengxuan's data is that the most profitable DApp is still Tronbet, PokerEOS, EOSJacks and so on. And without exception, they are at the forefront of the list.

For these spinach application development teams, not only the industry's dividend period has passed, but the more serious environment is that the flow that can be distributed to DApps in the circle since 2019 is very small.

Spinach developers are also turning around. Some insiders have revealed to the Odaily Planet Daily that the cost of making a spinach DApp is only around 20,000, but unlike the team developers who took the investment, the spinach developers are hotspots. Most developers.

"The boat is a good turn, and many of them started to take Staking after Staking fire," said the industry insider.

The spinach is cold and the DApp is cooler.

The currency circle is changing with each passing day, and the DApp circle is the same. When an application leaves the market, there will always be a new application. But most DApp life cycles are not long.

According to data shared by Niu Fengxuan, about 30 to 40 DApps are online every month, but 30 to 50 are no longer used every month. DApps with a survival period of more than two months only account for the total amount. 30%.

The unsustainable spinach was first revealed at the end of last year. At the time, the Odaily Planet Daily reported that many spinach applications had felt that the daily life had reached freezing point and had withdrawn from the competition early.

When the bear is the deepest, no one is speculating or gambling. At the time, almost everyone thought that the bleakness of the spinach DApp was the beginning of a healthy return to ecological development, and investors in the market have come to pay attention to healthier blockchain applications.

As a result, people began to look for a new investment target for the arrival of the bull market. It was also at that time that the concept of the game was the first touchstone of the blockchain landing.

Almost everyone is expecting the game to break out under such market conditions, but the reality is that the DApp, which highlights the playability, is not as big as the imagination.

Without the touch of spinach on the data, the DApp circle is cooler.

According to DappReview data, there are currently 3548 DApps, and the total daily users of these applications are only 189,209. That is to say, on average, each DApp can now only be divided into 53 users.

(Note: From December 2018 to the present, the two public chains of EOS and TRON reached the peak of DApp active users between April and May this year, and then began to fluctuate and decline. Recently, the daily living data has rebounded, but still far from the peak period. There is a certain distance.)

The DAppTotal data graph shows that the total amount of DApps has grown steadily since 2018. At the same time, the new DApp speed has begun to slow down, which means that the new DApp is getting less and less.

“Compared to the beginning of the year, the DApp circle’s attention is definitely less. The so-called DApp was popular in the past, and the vast proportions were supported by betting, but as spinach fell, fewer people played (DApp). "BlockHop founder Alex also really felt the "cool" of the current DApp circle.

“Without too many new users, the development of DApp is still relatively slow, and the overall decline is.” A blockchain DApp practitioner commented.

“Users don’t currently involve quality, they’re basically investors. The current number of consumers may be less than 100,000.” Alex said that BlockHop is seeking seed users in the traditional circle, and the current users in its gaming applications are mostly through traditional Channel access is obtained, not for users acquired in the blockchain market.

The attention of stock users is low, which is not good for DApp development teams who are looking forward to capital admission support.

"The recent IEO, Staking, each one is directly hitting the hearts of investors." Alex believes that DApp's attention has been dispersed, but DApp will not be able to appear in a short period of time.

Niu Fengxuan’s point of view is similar to that of Alex. He believes that the entire market is waiting for an explosion. Once a content direction is explored, it will explode quickly:

“With the explosion, you can copy, imitate and cash out, attract mainstream players to enter the market. The market is waiting, the next explosion will be born.”

However, in addition to hard work, the explosion of the explosion is always accompanied by luck and opportunity. If so, waiting for the DApp, there is still a long way to go.

(Note: Huang Xu and Charlie Xin are pseudonyms in this article)

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