Market Analysis: BTC's high pressure and accurate rebound, LTC has already told us the script

Foreseeable BTC market: high altitude pressure, accurate rebound

[BTC trend resumption]

I saw my friend who analyzed the market article on April 10th. I mentioned that the BTC triangle converged, the main route that may appear – BTC broke the position and reached the upper pressure zone. The price reached the rebound position near 4950. The 11th market started as scheduled, just like the one we painted. BTC arrived in the main pressure zone in the early morning, and the daytime plunge. The lowest price of the coin fell to 4927 and began to rebound. The error of the barbed position mentioned by us is single digit. If you have already entered the venue according to the points you have drawn, congratulations, please hold the new high and place the stop loss below 4920.

Source of data: qkl123

[BTC disk surface analysis]
Since the continuous rise since April, there are not many retail investors in Jiancang, and the callback is a normal phenomenon. As we predicted, the disk fell to the 4,920 position, but it should be noted that this is not an insurance position. If the main force does not eliminate too many retail chips here, there is still a possibility of a callback. At the same time, the short-term pressure level above also needs to be carefully concerned about whether it can be broken.
[BTC operation strategy]
First of all, friends who have paid attention to the article of the day before yesterday can hold a list if they receive a list near 4920, and stop the loss before breaking. Wait for the callback market to come to the receiving area. When there is a significant rebound in the disk surface, it is necessary to pay attention to the situation of the short-term pressure level. The good disk condition is ground up, and the bad disk condition is touched and falls.

Bulls are weak, LTC has already rehearsed

Source of data: qkl123

[Disk face] I am not prepared to prejudge the LTC market in this section, because under the decline of the pie, LTC only has to follow.

This section mainly wants to reinvent LTC – before the big cake fell, the LTC's disk has told us what is going to happen.

First of all, starting from the market background, due to the expectation of halving the market, LTC is the main position of the current mainstream currency. At this stage, its disk situation will give more market information.

We can see that in the above figure, combining the BTC (blue line) and the L line of LTC, we can find that LTC has not gone out of the second break like BTC after a wave of high. It indicates that the market sentiment began to suspect the continuous rise of the disk. Since then, LTC has stepped out of the triangle consolidation area about a day earlier, and announced the surrender of the gun in advance. Even if the BTC is higher, we will find that the transaction volume has increased very limited, unlike It is a situation where you can break through the pressure zone with a bang. Here, the disk is already very clear. ————————————————————————————————————————————

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