Nervos Lai Jiaqi: MimbleWimble's significance for the design of the chain is its scalability | Geekhub offline activities

On the evening of August 8, the "Block Chain Landing – You Must Know Password Privacy" sponsored by the Babbitt Accelerator, Dimension, Nervos and the founder, Geekhub offline activities were held at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. In the Nervos community operations, Cypherpunks Core member Lai Jiaqi said in a speech entitled "MimbleWimble's Privacy Agreement and Its Applications" that in the privacy transaction, the MimbleWimble protocol uses confidential trading technology to achieve no exposure to the transaction amount, avoiding money and making money out of thin air. The purpose of inflation is to use the currency trading technology to avoid the purpose of reducing the input and output values ​​of the transaction, and to use the one-way signature technology to achieve the purpose of not being able to restore the signed public key. He also pointed out that MimbleWimble's significance for the public chain design lies in its scalability, including the need to store all data for a long time at all nodes (similar to Monero's key image, Zcash's remarks are invalid), which can solve the transaction address and the amount can be used by everyone. Query the privacy issue and reduce the average block size.