In July 2019, the top 10 blockchain financing in the domestic primary market released the development of the blockchain industry and continued to penetrate the industry.

According to China Financial Information Network, on August 8, China Financial Information Network and Ener Data jointly released the top 10 list of domestic primary market blockchain project financing in July 2019. From the list, in the trend of a sharp decline in overall financing, the number of domestic blockchain project financing rebounded in July 2019. Monitoring data shows that digital currency and trading platform financing projects have increased significantly. The release of the Libracoin white paper has boosted market expectations to a certain extent, but such projects will face direct competition with Libra, and their business logic may be affected in the future. Libra coins are severely suppressed. Projects that are integrated with the real economy still dominate the list, covering finance, big data, transportation, e-commerce, media, property, real estate and gaming. From the list of consecutive releases, the development of the blockchain industry has continued to deepen into the industry, the development of the application side has become more and more specific, and the imagination space combined with the development of the real economy has gradually become three-dimensional. From a technical point of view, the development of encryption, database, consensus, P2P and smart contracts is becoming more and more mature, and the blockchain is gradually expanding as a boundary for integrated innovation technology.