Dimension legal counsel Katt Gu: Encryption tools are equivalent to cyberspace "weapons" | Geekhub offline activities

On the evening of August 8, the "Block Chain Landing – You Must Know Password Privacy" sponsored by the Babbitt Accelerator, Dimension, Nervos and the founder, Geekhub offline activities were held at Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. In a speech entitled "From Data Privacy to Encryption Rights", Dimension Chain Legal Advisor Katt Gu said that if you have a power but are not awarded the power of this power, it is equivalent to no such power. She pointed out that "the Second Amendment of the United States protects everyone's right to possess weapons and protects everyone's rights to use weapons for legitimate purposes such as self-defense, and these rights have nothing to do with militia military service." "In certain circumstances, the infringed person may use force to prevent and confront the invaders who invade his house, and the consequences are exempt from legal liability and are not prosecuted." She further proposed that in today's increasingly urgent data privacy protection, encryption tools are the "weapons" of cyberspace.