Analysis of the four stages of the development of chain travel from the Cocos-BCX white paper

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Guide: As the currency market as a whole picks up, the blockchain topic continues to heat up, and the game is one of the earliest and largest blockchain applications, and its popularity is rising. During this time, the hottest topic in the chain tour is Cocos-BCX, the regular army of touch technology, a one-stop game development solution, which finally started its business in the blockchain industry, which has a profound impact on the entire industry. .

As we all know, touch technology Cocos is a world-renowned one-stop game development solution. Based on the number of mobile games it develops, it has the largest market share in China and the third in the global market. This fully demonstrates the strength of the touch company.

In the Cocos-BCX white paper, I am very interested in the division of the development stage of chain travel, so I will explain it here.

The Cocos-BCX white paper divides the development of chain travel into four phases:

1. Use the same assets to make the settlement of the game "gold coins"

2. Free exchange of game "gold coins" and props

3. Key rules run up

4. The game is running on the whole chain

The first stage is the use of homogeneous assets for the settlement of the game “gold coins”. At this stage, the blockchain game uses the digital assets in the blockchain system as the settlement carrier for the “gold coins” output in the game.

The “gold coin” here refers to the money in the game that you get through various means in the game.

For example, in WOW, gold coins obtained by means of tasks, copying, and selling items. However, the "gold coins" in the traditional game, the player can not directly bring out to other places outside the game, but also can not be circulated outside the game.

Using the homogenous asset settlement game "Gold Coin", you can convert "Gold Coin" into a token that can be circulated outside the game. Just like the tokens in your wallet, you can easily trade.

However, this "gold coin" itself has only a single value medium, and in the game, there are still many things that cannot be directly measured by the Fungible Token. Still taking WOW as an example, the illusion of the game (such as the egg knife, the joy of fire), the mount (such as the ghost tiger, the alchemy dragon), pets or toys, etc., its value can not be directly measured by the alternative pass. At this time, we must talk about the second stage, the game "gold coins" and the free exchange of props.

As an item of unique value whose value cannot be measured by the Fungible Token, it can still be replaced by a digital asset, but not by a homogeneous asset, but by a non-homogeneous asset.

BCX-NHAS-1808 is a non-homogeneous digital asset standard for COCOS applications for decentralized book-entry networks. This standard allows non-homogeneous digital assets to be used in any distribution platform, but their value depends on and The uniqueness and scarcity associated with assets.

This is something that can make a big impact on the traditional game industry, I will give you an example. 5173 Everyone should know that it is a website that focuses on game trading. Its trading currency, equipment trading and account trading, the handling fee is staggering. (The picture shows the screenshot of the fee)

Even such a high handling fee does not fully guarantee the player's interest – the existence of "black gold" in the game makes the player invincible, and it is not uncommon to complain and come back to re-sell after selling the account.

However, through the BCX-NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard, not only can the non-homogeneous assets be easily circulated, but the chain transactions can not be falsified, which further ensures the security of virtual goods transactions.

And I believe that in the future, all kinds of transactions, chain fees and transaction efficiency of chain tours can be very effectively optimized, just like you buy coins in any exchange.

For most ordinary players, the most important issue is the game itself, which is the feedback of the game. The most important value of the game, such as the explosive rate, trigger probability, open box drop setting, licensing rules and other game numerical logic, can be classified into game rules and output logic.

The traditional game game rules and output logic are all in an opaque state. At most, they respond to national policies and mark their own explosion rate. It is impossible to completely guarantee whether the center is evil or not, and it is not conducive to maintaining the fairness principle of the game. The third stage of the development of chain travel can fundamentally solve this problem.

The third stage is the key rule winding operation. At this stage, the basic settings and key rules required for the game on the chain will be written into the block in the form of contracts or other easy-to-open forms for the whole network to witness and guarantee the rules of the game. And the fairness of the output logic.

I believe that many players know that the words "Xuan does not change his life, don't save the truth", let the game rules and output logic be chained, will make it transparent and open, and can not be falsified, fundamentally solve the central evil. The problem can not only greatly improve the enthusiasm of the players to participate in the game and the sense of belonging of the game, but also completely let you realize that Europe is Europe, non-…

The prospects of the first three stages are not uncomfortable, and there are currently effective cases. The fourth stage is the highlight of my eyes – the final stage of the development of chain travel, the game is running on the whole chain.

The overall chaining of the game means that the entire logic code of the game is executed in the chain environment, and the data is carried and stored by the decentralized distributed network. In this scenario, the game is the contract itself, and the final form of the chain tour is like this. .

This stage seems to have the experience of “I am the Tao”, and it seems to be a little ethereal. For the time being, the overall operation of the game on the whole chain will make the chain tour efficiency much worse than the traditional game. I believe that most of the chain tours that you have experienced have problems such as slow loading, high delay, and complicated connection process.

In fact, it is mentioned in the Cocos-BCX white paper that because the game requires a reliable, efficient, minimally delayed integrated operating environment and lightweight user nodes, there is no decisive technical solution in the industry.

However, Cocos-BCX is indeed the next big game. In the current industry, there is no decisive technical solution, Cocos-BCX has made the overall planning of the next stage of thinking:

1. The player has a lightweight full-node environment;

2. The service stack runs in a blockchain environment;

3. The game engine is one of the nodes' infrastructure;

4. Provide a joint development/debug environment with engine, visual IDE, and chain network interaction interface;

5. There is a set of asynchronous consensus tasks between nodes to ensure the credibility of the engine environment. The consensus may be based on the signature of the engine key function object code;

6. The game code (contract) is executed by a secure virtual machine controlled by the engine. The part of the key numerical calculation of the contract may be executed by the "trusted execution environment" scheme separately from the contract entity;

7. The key process of the contract is witnessed by the proximity or the relevant nodes (like the players in a copy).

Conclusion: The blockchain game has a promising future, but today's chain tour is still in the early stage of the industry. There are no more than 3 million active users in the country and no more than 30 million people in the world. The actual experience is not satisfactory at present, especially for the currency circle. Ordinary players are very unfriendly and have limited influence. However, I am still very convinced that in the future there will be more excellent chain travel works developed, there will be more excellent teams running into the market, chain tour will eventually become the inevitable trend of future game development.

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