Yang Chengliang of Ping An Group: Libra is actually a payment tool

According to Phoenix Net Finance News, August 8, at the 2019 SAIF Financial Forum. Yang Chengliang, deputy general manager of China Ping An Insurance (Group) Finance Department, said about Libra's topic, Libra Association registered in Switzerland, Facebook and many big sisters are initiating the establishment of this association. But the first thing to look at is whether it is public or private. It involves whether the currency is public or private. Globally, the legal currency is issued by the central bank, and the private sector is doing money. This involves public issues. Therefore, he agrees with the Chinese president’s point of view. If a public service product does not have a public institution behind it. There may be some problems with participation, especially as a global payment currency, and many other issues. In addition, money has a function of creating money. However, Libra is actually a payment tool. The country should absorb more financial institutions to participate in the process of introducing money, which can stimulate some innovation vitality more quickly.