Market Analysis: From the perspective of the nature of funds, it seems that only the leader can benefit from it.

On August 7, Chanan announced the beginning of the extortion of 300 bitcoin events through Weibo. Coin said that it recently received a threat from an unidentified person and was asked to exchange 300 bitcoin chips for the 10,000 KYC information he claimed to have about Binance. Coin said that a security team has been set up to investigate the case, and the exact source of the case and information is still under investigation.

The unidentified person immediately began to disseminate relevant information to the public and the media because he did not get the blackmail immediately. However, Qian An said that the data disseminated in the telegraph group is different from the data in the coin security background. Because the internal information of the currency security is all electronic watermark, the pictures transmitted on the Internet do not have a specific electronic watermark. After a preliminary review of the pictures posted online, the currency said that all the pictures were dated February 2018. During this period, due to the huge workload, Qian’an had outsourced some KYC audits to third-party service companies in a week. Is this a shabu-shabu? The currency is rewarded with 25 bitcoins. I hope to get information about the unidentified person. Can this money be earned?

After such a thing, BNB not only did not continue to fall, but began to rise, and stood on the position of the 60-antenna of the downward pressure. It is worthy of being the master of the exchange. This kind of ability is rare. I am afraid that other exchanges will not be able to do it well.


Although BTC pulled back again and returned to the pressure of 12,000 US dollars, we saw that the volume of this wave of pullback is still shrinking. Gold still remains strong, but BTC seems to be unable to keep up with the rhythm. The central bank is more and more, but the stimulating effect on BTC does not seem obvious. The attraction seems to be much weaker than that of gold. At present, the target has been running up along the 5 antennas. It is difficult to break the pressure above the current volume. Even if it goes up, it may only be a fake breakthrough, because the volume above is very large. To break through this chip-intensive area, you must have enough hands to change hands. If you don’t wait for the volume, you may use time. Change the space to change the hand, the time period may be extended, if you lose 5 antennas, it will further test the support level near 11,000 US dollars, this point is the double bottom neckline position, do not break the point to wait for low suction If the volume breaks through this point, it will once again return to the 10,000-dollar mark.


The demand for ETH to go back is relatively more obvious. It has been suppressed by the 30-day moving average. The volume of the decline is also larger than that of the previous volatility. Therefore, the target may not stop falling for the time being, paying attention to the support of 20 antennas. If you fall below the moving average, you may further explore the support of the $200 integer mark. We also mentioned in the previous analysis that the rebound of this round was mainly caused by the tension of MYZ, mainly for safe-haven funds, attractive. The face, the target is certainly not as attractive as the BTC, the macd indicator weak region, the golden fork is diverging upwards, has not yet reached the strong area above the zero axis, and participates cautiously.


BCH is still in the cool-down period of this ups and downs, both long and short sides have no intention to shoot here, just follow the market fluctuations, and then go up to enter the transaction-intensive area, need volume to provide sufficient turnover rate, yesterday we Let everyone be vigilant and be alert to the possible drop at any time. The target has tested the pressure of 120 antennas three times in succession and failed to pass. This indicates that the pressure at this point is still relatively large. We can use 120 antennas as the strong and weak points. The line, for the time being, has fallen below 5 antennas for two days, and is concerned about the support near 330 dollars. If it falls below this point, it may make a double dip and pay attention to the risk.


Yesterday we also saw that BNB seems to be a bit different. It has released two positive Yangxian lines in a row. Although the amount is not as big as before, it at least indicates that the target has signs of re-going. Now it is facing the pressure of 60-day moving average. It is necessary to observe whether it can stand on this point within a few days, and make the 60-antenna head turn upwards. At present, there are signs of flattening. The macd indicator is glued after repeating the golden cross again in the weak area, and it will diverge upwards and will enter the zero-axis. On the strong area, if the target regains 60 antennas and makes the 60 antenna head up, it will get rid of the current downward trend. Now there are signs of turning and patient observation.

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