Sun Zhiyan, Development Research Center of the State Council: Blockchain and other technologies will reshape the relationship between regions

On April 12th, Sun Zhiyan, deputy director and researcher of the Second Research Office of the Development Strategy and Regional Economic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council issued a document entitled "Technological Progress Affects the Regional Economic Development Pattern." The article points out that a new round of scientific and technological revolution will have an impact on the regional economy. The virtual interconnected space created by new technologies reshapes the relationship between regions, that is, to establish new spaces between different regions through technologies such as the Internet, blockchain, and cloud computing. The contact path enables the different functions of the supply chain such as production, trading, management, and control to be connected in real time and conveniently in different spaces, fundamentally changing the path of factor flow and space allocation, and establishing a new type of supply chain based on the entire supply chain. Functional division of labor.