Gartner Vice President: Web 3.0 will replace Web 2.0 in 5-7 years

On August 8th, Avivah Litan, vice president of Gartner, a well-known Internet information company in the United States, published an analysis article on the official blog that Web 3.0 will replace the existing Web 2.0 in the next 5-7 years, and said that after the Web 3.0 technology matures, users will not Will care about how the underlying blockchain technology works, just as users in the Web 2.0 era don't care about Internet protocols. In her view, Web 3.0 is defined as: users can control their own data and identity; replace the intermediary interaction of platform media (that is, replace the centralization institutions such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Uber, etc.); develop blockchain-based technology, These include trust verification, privacy protection, cross-chain protocols, decentralized infrastructure and application platforms, decentralized identities, and more.